The following appeared on the CNBC PowerLunch Cool Site of the Day on February 23rd, 1999. These are sites that are profiled by Bill Griffeth of CNBC.

"PowerLunch 'Cool' Web Site of the Day"

FEBRUARY 23 -- Since we moved my web site review back to, for reasons that will eventually become clear, I've been asked about past cool web sites.

Here are a couple of my favorites, which we will now add to our archives. Both involve stock charts.

First: Arguably the best stock chart site on the web: It's all here. Charts of the biggest price and percent and volume movers of the day, stocks hitting new 52-week highs and lows, and on and on. Go there and browse.

The other provides some sophisticated but easy-to-understand technical analysis: it is John Bollinger's You enter the ticker symbol of the stock you're interested in, and up pops a chart that you can interact with. Plus, the site offers a bit of analysis using drag racing traffic lights. A red lights mean negative outlook, yellow is so-so, green is positive.

Two very cool web sites: and

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