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Thursday May 2, 7:03 am Eastern Time

Press Release


ARC Systems Hits Two Major Milestones

B2B Technology Company Has Record-Breaking Year in Shadows of Tech Wreck

AUSTIN, Texas, May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- ARC Systems, the mortgage technology application service provider has not only survived the dot-com decline, but has thrived in the aftermath hitting record numbers in 2001 and breaking a one day half-billion dollar loan decisioning total last month.

Not a newcomer to the business, the 18-year old private company decisioned $24 billion in loans in 2001 and is on a pace to break that number for 2002, up 138 percent against the same time period last year. Fueling the trajectory are days like March 19th when the company hit a one-day record total, decisioning in excess of three-quarters of a billion dollars of loans that day.

The acknowledged leader in the non-conforming realm, but rapidly expanding into other markets, the company's rules based underwriting system is used by lending operations nationwide, including Lehman Brothers, First Franklin Financial, Provident Consumer Financial Services and Household Mortgage Services. "We've been so successful because we were first to market with advanced decisioning technology, we have a product that works and works well, and we sit in a good position to counsel our clients and customize our product to maximize their savings, measured in both money and time," said Ed Jones, founder and President of ARC Systems.

ARC Systems growing product line successfully

The Census Bureau reported this month that business-to-business transactions make up for 94 percent of e-business transactions. ARC Systems positioned themselves strongly in this sector, servicing lenders and other financial institutions with their browser-based automated underwriting system technology. The company has expanded its product line and is applying its technology beyond sub-prime and into the investment banking, home equity and warehouse lending arenas.

In the area of investment banking, ARC Systems engine has enabled Lehman Brothers contract finance division to do pre-bid and post-bid decisioning which allows them to purchase mortgage loans based on a consistent set of quality and risk controlled guidelines. Lehman has been able to increase acquisitions by as much as 20 percent using the technology.

In the home equity market, ARC Systems has several clients, including Household Mortgage Services and Guaranty Bank Home Equity. Since full implementation of LendTech, various users have reduced cost to originate by two-thirds of what it was previously and increased their productivity 63 percent among underwriters.

In a recent announcement, PCFS stated that for the first time they would apply the ARC technology to automate the warehouse line approval process. This significantly reduces the time to complete a transaction and reducing the amount of paper work for PCFS, a division of Provident Bank.

About ARC Systems

Founded in 1984, ARC Systems is a privately held company that provides lending institutions, investment and commercial banks across the nation with the power to make fast, accurate and consistent decisions at the point of sale for risk based pricing and credit evaluation. Empowering financial institutions with the ability to make better business decision, the company's proprietary, patent pending rules-based system is used by lenders to provide their customers, correspondents and brokers direct access to automated underwriting and online loan origination system functionality.

     Mary Tipps, Sales & Marketing Director
     ARC Systems

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