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Javelin Technologies Launches A Revolution: FIXBox

The First Hardware/Software FIX Solution on the Market Offers Plug and Play FIX Connectivity

New York, NY, June 9, 2000 - Javelin Technologies, the market leader in providing innovative FIX solutions, announced today the launch of FIXBox, a hardware/software FIX solution that revolutionizes the industry with ubiquitous FIX connectivity and universal access to STP. FIXBox is plug and play, something the world of FIX has not yet seen.

FIXBox makes STP a more than achievable goal. By installing FIXBox, the buy side gains quick and easy access to brokers, while the sell side can offer clients fast access to their liquidity. And since FIXBox is scalable, users simply need to add additional boxes for greater connectivity and faster throughput.

Paul Savin is president of FIXBox, an entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in both financial services and systems development. Paul joins FIXBox from Salomon Smith Barney, where he worked for 3 years as a consultant in their Customer Connectivity division. Paul has a bachelor's degree in computer science and economics from Rutgers and a master's degree in computer science from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

"I've come to Javelin with one goal in mind: to universalize FIX connectivity, making it accessible and easy for everyone to own STP," said Savin. "With Javelin as the leading FIX innovator, it seemed natural to have this project begin under their umbrella. Electronic trading cannot achieve the depth and universality it has the potential to without sweeping connectivity. And FIX is the name of the game."

"We can't pretend that one method of FIX solution is going to work for everyone, or that one method will solve everyone's STP problems," said George Kledaras, president and CEO of Javelin Technologies. "FIXBox addresses the industry need for a simple plug and play hardware/software FIX solution. It's scaleable, it's accessible and it offers untold benefits industry-wide."

About Javelin Technologies, Inc.

Javelin Technologies, Inc., based in New York City, is the leading provider of FIX solutions for the global securities marketplace. Javelin is committed to providing innovative FIX solutions that facilitate electronic trading, enhance Straight Through Processing across security types and further the belief that one protocol, one language is the very key to open trade communication. Javelin supports over 90 clients and numerous strategic partners, including Discover Brokerage (Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online), A.W. Bertsch, Advent Software, Eze Castle, Fidelity Management Research, Instinet, Thomson Financial, Market XT, SS&C, Schroders and AutEx. For information on Javelin's FIX technology, visit their website at www.javtech.com.

FIXBox is the only product on the market today that offers the industry a plug and play hardware/software FIX solution. FIXBox offers both universal FIX connectivity and ubiquitous access to STP. Shipped pre-configured and offering remote access, FIXBox is easy to install and setup and can be interfaced to any OMS using ActiveX, CORBA, TIB/Rendezvous, Talarian Smart Sockets, MQ Series, RMI and FIXML/http.


Stephanie Cohen
Javelin Technologies, Inc.
212-422-6000, ext. 237

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