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Tuesday July 20, 3:50 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

XMLSolutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Lisle Technology Partners

VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 20, 1999--XMLSolutions Corporation (XMLS) announced today that they have signed Lisle Technology Partners (LTP) as a strategic development partner.

As a strategic partner, LTP will be involved in assisting XMLSolutions in technical product direction, as well as a resource partner for implementing the product strategy.

The first project LTP will work on for XMLSolutions is the Exeter family of XML-based e-commerce products, a suite of products specifically designed to fulfill the objective of business-to-business e-commerce. The Exeter product set includes the Exeter XML Server, Exeter E-commerce Engine and Exeter EDI Parser.

This dynamic application suite eliminates the manual processes of trade by enabling computer applications and humans to exchange business documents written in XML.

``We sought out Lisle Technology Partners as an ideal development partner for us,'' stated Kevin Kail, CEO, XMLSolutions Corp. ``Not only are they some of the most talented individuals in the industry, but they also have the business maturity to assist us in forming our strategic product direction.''

Dr. Sowmitri Swamy, Managing Partner, Lisle Technology Partners stated, ``XMLSolutions was an ideal fit for us. We have dedicated some of our best and brightest developers to this effort and we are confident that together we will offer some of the most powerful e-commerce applications available.''

Dr. David Jakopac, also a Managing Partner at LTP, added, ``We believe that our approach will result in quick turnaround to launching XMLS' products into the market. Our team is incredibly excited about the company and the business areas they are pursuing. We think they have some very innovative ideas for making true internet-based business-to-business commerce possible.''

About XMLSolutions

XMLSolutions Corporation is the leading solutions provider for XML-based business-to-business e-commerce. Pioneer in XML-EDI, XMLSolutions Exeter family of products enables large corporations to leverage their investment in EDI and extend their reach to small and midsize trading partners through XML. XMLSolutions is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Chicago, Illinois.

For more information, contact XMLSolutions Corp., 8401 Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA 22182. Phone: 703/757-2841; Fax: 703/757-4470; Email: walters@xmls.com; Web: http://www.xmls.com.

About Lisle Technology Partners, Inc.

Lisle Technology Partners (LTP) provides advanced software project outsourcing and consulting services. Headquartered in the Illinois Research and Development Corridor, in west suburban Chicago, LTP has design and engineering facilities in Illinois and Bangalore, India.

LTP specializes in advanced software development projects, including Internet software development, application/software tool development, contractual research and development, and prototype development for start-up companies.

LTP's special experience includes the following technologies: web-based technologies including site design, infrastructure design, security and firewalls; legacy application analysis, graphical user interfaces including three dimensional computer graphics; and relational database systems and a wide variety of specific languages and operating systems.

LTP's address is 2021 Midwest Road, Suite 200, Oakbrook, IL 60523; the phone number is 630/705-5689; email: info@LisleTech.com; web company website is http://www.LisleTech.com/.


     XMLSolutions Corporation, Vienna
     Daryn Walters, VP Marketing, 703/980-7326

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