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Tuesday January 16, 10:03 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: XMLSolutions Corporation

Transentric to Use XMLSolutions' Business Integration Platform to Double Electronic Transactions

Transentric Expects Well Over 50 Percent of Its Electronic Transactions to Require XML by 2002

MCLEAN, Va., Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- XMLSolutions Corporation, a worldwide provider of software for conducting XML-based direct materials procurement, and Transentric, a leading supply chain and electronic message management company, today announced a strategic technology partnership. Transentric plans to use XMLSolutions' Business Integration Platform to provide bi- directional EDI-to-XML and XML-to-XML translation capabilities to rapidly integrate tens of thousands of new trading partners. Transentric has provided their Global 2000 customers with EDI-based transaction solutions for 15 years and estimates that one year from now, a majority of its projected three million daily electronic transactions will involve XML.

``As the number of XML dialects increases, XMLSolutions' unique method of mapping from EDI-to-XML will enable us to drastically reduce the number of translations necessary to integrate future trading partners,'' said Fred Domke, Chief Technology Officer of Transentric. ``We expect a significant portion of our future growth to come through the provision of XML-based messaging, and XMLSolutions software will help us enhance our inventory and supply chain management services.''

``With all the hype surrounding XML, our partnership with Transentric provides a vivid illustration of XML's significance in extending the visibility within a supply network,'' said Ron Shelby, CEO of XMLSolutions. ``Using XMLSolutions' Business Integration Platform will dramatically accelerate Transentric's efforts to extend their supply chain and inventory management capabilities to the tens of thousands of Web-based trading partners who do not use EDI.''

Under this agreement, Transentric's Intelligent messaging management will use XMLSolutions' Business Integration Platform software to augment its support for EDI and XML data translation from supply chain members. XMLSolutions' Business Integration Platform is a universal interpreter for business information exchange that enables companies to share real-time information with all business partners and marketplaces, regardless of size. Business Integration Platform delivers the functionality necessary for companies to conduct direct and indirect/MRO materials procurement transactions with increased business process efficiency and a dramatic time- to-market advantage over competing products.

Transentric, a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Pacific with more than 7,000 trading partners, transmits almost 1.5 million secure electronic messages a day for customers in a variety of industries. To serve both new and existing customers most effectively, Transentric enhances the visibility along a customer's supply chain, by electronically integrating its trading partners and providing more message points to help clients avoid costly delays stemming from inadequate inventory management.

``To illustrate the critical nature of inventory management, think about the enormous cost involved to shut down an automotive assembly line,'' Domke added. ``When you consider that most of the message points along our customers' supply chains are small-to-medium sized companies with no EDI capabilities, we believe we can generate a tremendous return-on-investment for them if we enable their trading partners to conduct business electronically. And when you consider the vast number of transportation companies in the US alone, you can see why we are thrilled to utilize the capabilities provided by XMLSolutions.''

About Transentric

Formed in 1987 and located in St. Louis, Transentric enables supply chain improvement for a variety of companies. With 13 years of profitability and revenue growth, Transentric is building on its development of carrier software products and shipping management solutions to expand its customer base into the e-commerce arena. In addition to providing carrier solutions in the US and Mexico, Transentric serves clients in trucking, paper, agriculture, chemicals, beverage and other industries such as Bowater, Lamb Weston, Quaker Oats, Weyerhaeuser, Entergy, and Wisconsin Central Transportation Company. Transentric is a part of Fenix Enterprises, a technology holding company formed by Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE: UNP - news). For more information, go to www.transentric.com.

About XMLSolutions

XMLSolutions Corporation (www.xmls.com) enables the secure, real-time B2B exchange of direct materials transactions over the Internet. By eliminating a company's EDI and XML dialect dependencies, XMLSolutions removes trade barriers, enabling uniform transactions among customers, exchanges, and trading partners of all sizes. The XMLSolutions integrated solution includes support for XML-to-XML transformations; EDI-to-XML translation; and over 3000 mission-critical, industry-specific EDI business documents. XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia's technology corridor with offices in Atlanta; Charlotte; Chicago; New York; San Francisco; Bangalore, India; Seoul, Korea; South Africa; The Netherlands; Denmark; Austria; Sweden; Switzerland; Belgium; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; and the United Kingdom.

Note to Editors: The name XMLSolutions is one word, with uppercase XMLS and all other letters in lower case.

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