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Wednesday May 10, 8:01 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: XMLSolutions Corporation

XMLSolutions Announces Vocabulary Builder for E-Business

MCLEAN, Va., May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- XMLSolutions Corporation, a worldwide provider of strategic enterprise-to-enterprise, XML-based products and services, announces the immediate availability of Vocabulary Builder for E- Business. Vocabulary Builder is a program designed to bridge a company's existing business vocabulary to today's e-commerce language while maintaining contextual definitions on both ends.

Ron Shelby, eGM CIO, stated, ``The first step of a successful electronic commerce endeavor is to maximize corporate vocabulary and semantics.''

XMLSolutions' Vocabulary Builder allows companies to do exactly that: conduct business using the same syntax it has always used by XML-izing existing business vocabulary, semantics unchanged, so that the company can communicate electronically. Vocabulary Builder extends business operations across the Internet without revolutionizing core business processes.

With expertise in strategic metadata management, XML application development, and e-business implementations, XMLSolutions utilizes Schema Central(TM) and the proven META-X(TM) Methodology to identify corporate metadata crucial to the successful implementation of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and e-business initiatives.

``To correctly implement a B2B e-business initiative, companies must first understand their own corporate vocabulary and then start to converse electronically with their business and trading partners,'' stated Paul Sanborn, Director of Consulting at XMLSolutions. ``If the two companies are not speaking in the same business language (e.g., where part_nbr is the same as ITEM_NO in different application system), their e-commerce initiatives are destined to fail.''

The Vocabulary Builder program pinpoints strategic business information and executes a crucial step in developing e-commerce solutions. Creating Document Type Definitions (DTDs) that represent key business information is a primary function of Vocabulary Builder. The implementation of the Vocabulary Builder process closely follows the XMLSolutions' META-X Methodology, which is broken into five phases: Metadata, Exchange, Transformation, Administration and eXecution. Each phase is addressed for the Vocabulary Builder process:

  • Metadata: XMLSolutions has assembled a team of associates with over 100 years of experience in uncovering and leveraging a company's metadata and semantics from its legacy systems.
        -- Exchange:    This phase focuses on mining the key metadata from
           existing legacy systems.  Queries are run against database tables to
           extract naming standards, corporate entities, attributes, elements and
        -- Transformation:   The key metadata extracted from legacy systems is
           converted into XML DTDs and presented via Schema Central(TM).  These
           XML DTDs can be immediately utilized as a foundation of metadata
           starter sets for critical business projects.  Because most EAI and
           electronic commerce projects utilize XML, the DTDs can be easily
           leveraged in this form.
        -- Administration:   In this phase, XMLSolutions provides the necessary
           policies and procedures to support ongoing project planning and
           management to support e-commerce initiatives and bring corporate
           information to the Internet.
        -- eXecution:   XMLSolutions prepares a comprehensive marketing
           presentation that demonstrates the metadata and corporate DTD findings.

    This presentation will utilize actual corporate data standards and elements. Additionally, XMLSolutions consultants will prepare an XML strategy document, which addresses ongoing and future implementation plans.

    To XML-ize your e-business using XMLSolutions Vocabulary Builder, please contact XMLSolutions by e-mail at sales@xmls.com or call 1-877-434-XMLS (1- 877-434-9657).

    About XMLSolutions Corporation

    XMLSolutions Corporation (www.xmls.com) is a leading provider of XML-based infrastructure software and services allowing companies to achieve enterprise- to-enterprise information integration, or E2Ei(SM). XMLSolutions software helps customers aggressively leverage existing enterprise systems to deploy new enterprise-to-enterprise information over the Internet. XMLSolutions facilitates communication among trading partners and internal applications such as ERP, mainframe and EDI.

    XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia's technology corridor with offices in Atlanta; Charlotte; Chicago; New York; San Francisco; Bangalore, India; Seoul, Korea; S. Africa; The Netherlands; Denmark; Austria; Sweden; Switzerland; Belgium; Germany; France; Italy; Spain and the UK.

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