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Monday February 14, 9:15 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: XMLSolutions

XMLSolutions Corporation Introduces the Only Global Solution for Bi-Directional XML-EDI Transactions

XEDI Translator Transmits All EDI Documents Electronically to All Trading Partners

MCLEAN, Va., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- XMLSolutions Corporation, the premier provider of XML-based EDI solutions and XML Schema Management products and services, today announced the general availability of XEDI Translator 1.0. This breakthrough technology enables companies using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to automatically translate documents to XML, the language of business-to-business e-commerce. XEDI's component based pricing starts between $5,000 to $25,000 and is based on number of trading partners. ``XML is emerging as an important technology enabler for business-to-business electronic trade,'' stated Philip Russom, an industry analyst at Hurwitz Group, Framingham, MA. ``Even so, many companies have significant investments in mature and robust EDI-based solutions that should not be displaced. There's a need for tools that can translate between XML and EDI standards, since electronic supply chains in the near future will bring together partners who must transact trades through a variety of XML-based and EDI-based solutions.''

Unique Global Technology

XEDI Translator (pronounced zee-dee), is the only EDI to XML translation product on the market to provide the ability to translate every ANSI X12 transaction and EDIFACT message into XML. This technology delivers an e- commerce solution to paper-centric trading partners.

According to Dr. Charles Goldfarb, the father of markup languages and inventor of XML's parent, SGML, ``XMLSolutions' XEDI Translator makes ingenious use of XML's ability to represent any semantics in a single universal syntax. Instead of treating each EDI message as a unique document type, the software cleverly handles all messages consistently. It is therefore ''future-proofed`` for any new or revised messages the standards committees might create.''

Sizeable Return on Investment

As a result of using XEDI Translator, companies that perform electronic trade transactions with their non-EDI trading partners can achieve significant cost reductions.

``XEDI Translator unlocks data tied up in EDI systems, thus enabling the enterprise to leverage its business-critical information for partners, customers and the entire supply chain at Internet speed,'' said Kate Fessenden, Research Director, Enterprise XML, Aberdeen Group, Boston, MA. ``In fact, XEDI Translator processes an invoice in a streamlined and automated way that pushes the cost down by a significant factor - cost savings of up to 90% can be realized according to some estimates.''

Ethyl Corporation, (NYSE: EY - news) Richmond, VA, is using this new technology to greatly expand its trading community. ``We are confident that XMLSolutions' XEDI Translator will play a key role in handling existing EDI files in our ongoing e-business strategies,'' said Mike Giesler, CIO, Ethyl Corporation.

XEDI Translator is the comprehensive solution for major companies in all industries, including healthcare. ``XEDI Translator is one of the most robust XML-based applications that I have seen,'' said George Wright, Manager of Metadata/Information Services, Kaiser Permanente, Pasadena, CA. ``Due to the unique nature of this technology, it has the potential to enable a company to increase its digital trading community upward of 500%. Its use in healthcare will have a profound and immediate impact on the healthcare industry.''

Delivering Solutions

XMLSolutions is committed to expanding the reach of existing EDI systems to new and existing paper-centric trading partners. In keeping with this commitment, XEDI Translator 1.0 delivers solutions that provide:

    --  The Broadest Support for EDI
        The XEDI Translator provides the ability to translate EVERY X12 and
         EDIFACT document to XML.  The resulting XML can then be mapped to
         emerging XML standards such as Commerce XML (cXML), Financial
         Products Markup Language (FpML), and Electronic Business XML

    --  Expanded Trading Communities
        By delivering EDI to the Internet through the use of XML, the Global
         2000 are now capable of adding new partners to their supply chain
         that previously were not accessible through electronic means.

    --  Cost Reduction in Trade Transaction Processing and Fulfillment
        The ability of the XEDI Translator to leverage existing EDI systems
         means that the millions of dollars spent years ago to connect
         backend systems to EDI systems are not thrown away, but simply
         expanded to include a greater realm of trading partners.

    --  New Trading Partner Opportunities for the Global 2000
        With the ability to reach smaller companies electronically through a
         simple web interface that requires only a web browser and a
         connection to the Internet, Global 2000 companies are now capable of
         seeking out new trading partners that previously were not
         electronically enabled due to the steep costs of implementing EDI

``Today most organizations seek innovative cost reduction methods and are interested in expanding their electronic trading community to their entire supply chain,'' said Kevin Kail, CEO of XMLSolutions Corporation. ``XMLSolutions continues to deliver innovative solutions that allow companies to reduce the costs associated with traditional trade transactions.''

About XMLSolutions Corporation

XMLSolutions is a provider of B2B e-commerce products and services that enable customers to electronically communicate with all of their customers and suppliers without human intervention. Leveraging products and consulting services, XMLSolutions also allows customers to:

    --  Manage XML application development and deployment through DTD/Schema
        management and programming utilities.
    --  Enable legacy systems and data to participate in the e-commerce
        revolution with the potential to save companies months of labor and
        millions of dollars.
    --  Rapidly implement XML Application Integration (XAI) initiatives
        through custom application development using leading-edge products.

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia, with offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, India and The Netherlands.

XMLSolutions and XEDI Translator are trademarks of XMLSolutions Corporation, McLean, VA. All other product names and trademarks mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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