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Wednesday September 6, 9:05 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Zero G Software, Inc.

Zero G Ships InstallAnywhere(R) 3.5 Latest Edition of Award-Winning Multi-Platform Software Deployment Solution

InstallAnywhere Upgrade Delivers Industry's Most Extensive Platform Support and Full Java 2, Version 1.3 Compatibility

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Zero G, the leading provider of multi-platform software deployment solutions, today announced the immediate availability of version 3.5 of the InstallAnywhere product line. InstallAnywhere 3.5 features many new enhancements, such as full Java 2, version 1.3 compatibility and Linux support, extending Zero G's leadership in the multi-platform software deployment market.

InstallAnywhere 3.5 provides commercial and enterprise software producers with the industry's most powerful solutions for the complex process of installing and configuring software across multiple platforms.

``With this release, InstallAnywhere solidifies its position as the most powerful, most flexible and most intelligent multi-platform software deployment solution available. It offers the most complete platform support of any software deployment solution on the market,'' said Eric Shapiro, CEO of Zero G. ``As our customers' needs become more sophisticated, InstallAnywhere will continue to deliver the features they count on to deploy their mission critical applications.''

The InstallAnywhere Family

The InstallAnywhere 3.5 family -- Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, and Now! -- streamlines the complexity of performing complicated, multi-system deployment with an easy-to-use interface. This gives software producers a single solution that can handle the intricacies of deploying software across different platforms.

    -- InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition 3.5, the world's most powerful
       software deployment solution, solves complex multi-platform deployment
       problems and provides maximum customization, along with full
       international support for 29 different languages
    -- InstallAnywhere Standard Edition 3.5, the industry standard for
       multi-platform software installation, offers more features and
       customizability than any product in its price class
    -- InstallAnywhere Now! 3.5, the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive
       way to build multi-platform software installers

``In today's client/server environments, configuring applications across multiple platforms is a complex procedure. Prior to InstallAnywhere, software producers were forced to hand-author custom installation procedures for every operating system,'' said Greg Maletic, co-founder and executive vice-president of Zero G. ``Our customers need an extremely flexible, yet full-featured deployment solution that deploys software on multiple platforms -- one that can install any application or data file, and one that is extremely easy to use. InstallAnywhere was created to be that solution.''

Making Anytime, Anywhere Deployment a Reality

InstallAnywhere builds professional, multi-platform installers capable of installing and configuring software on virtually any client or server platform -- all the more important as the number of computing platforms increases. Each installer that is created by InstallAnywhere recognizes the platform under which it is operating. The installer then tailors its installation to the target system, whether by creating shortcuts in the Windows Start Menu, setting custom icons on the Mac OS, starting Windows NT/2000 services, setting Unix environment variables, or modifying file permissions on Unix systems. This approach saves software producers the time and expense of building separate installers for each platform and ensures that the end-user's experience is consistently positive.

InstallAnywhere's Market-leading Feature Set

The industry's leading commercial and enterprise software developers use InstallAnywhere to simplify the process of deploying software. They rely on InstallAnywhere's unique ability to:

    -- Quickly create universal installers that can deploy software to
       multiple platforms via the Internet or CD-ROM
    -- Build installers for more platforms than any other solution, including:
       Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and NT, Mac OS, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX,
       and virtually any other Java-enabled platform
    -- Install a Java virtual machine (VM) as part of an application's
       install, ensuring that the target system has the best VM for the
       application being installed
    -- Build installers eight times quicker, 40% smaller, and that, once
       deployed, run twice as fast as any alternative solution
    -- Automatically build Web Installer HTML pages for easily deploying
       software via intranets and the Internet

Pricing and Availability

InstallAnywhere 3.5 is licensed on a per-developer, per-system basis, allowing for the creation of an unlimited number of installers. InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition is currently available direct from Zero G for USD $1,995, Standard Edition is available for USD $995, and Now! is free of charge. Special pricing is available for site licenses and volume purchases. For more information, please contact Zero G sales at 415-512-7771, extension 4, or email sales@ZeroG.com.

About Zero G

Founded in 1996, Zero G is the leading developer of multi-platform software deployment and updating solutions for software producers. Best known for its award-winning InstallAnywhere line, the company's solutions have become the de facto standard for multi-platform deployment and installation, creating professional installers for virtually any operating system. Some of the blue-chip software producers who count on Zero G are Adobe, AT&T, FedEx, IBM, Intel, Novell, and Sun Microsystems. Privately held, Zero G is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and can be contacted at 415-512-7771 or found on the Internet at http://www.ZeroG.com.

NOTE: Zero G, Zero G Software and InstallAnywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zero G Software, Inc. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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