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InstallAnywhere® Enterprise Edition Paves The Way for
Software Installation Across All Mac Operating Systems

SAN FRANCISCO, January 5, 2000 -- Zero G Software, the leading developer of multi-platform software deployment solutions, today announced that its InstallAnywhere® product line will support software installation on Mac OS 8, 9, X, and X Server, the first installation solution to announce such support. With this announcement, InstallAnywhere becomes the ideal software deployment solution for installing Cocoa, Carbon, and Java-based applications on Mac OS 8, 9, X, and X Server. InstallAnywhere simplifies the process of deploying Java or platform-native software to Mac OS, Windows, Unix, and any other Java-enabled operating system either over the Web or on removable media like CD-ROM.

"Zero G's latest announcement demonstrates the commitment we feel towards the Mac OS platform and to the Mac developer community in general," said Eric Shapiro, Zero G's President and CEO. "Zero G has been delivering its InstallAnywhere Now! deployment solution free of charge to Mac OS Java developers for more than a year, and with the announcement of Mac OS X support, Zero G will ease the troubles of developers seeking to deploy software across all of Apple's operating system offerings." Zero G will be demonstrating its newest product, InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition, running on Mac OS X Server, Mac OS 9, and Windows 2000 operating systems in its Developer Central booth, #3059

About the InstallAnywhere Family of Products

Written entirely in Java, the InstallAnywhere family-of-products contain powerful solutions for building professional, multi-platform installers that are capable of installing and configuring software on virtually any client or server platform. Every installer created by InstallAnywhere recognizes the platform under which it is operating and tailors its installation to the user's system, whether creating shortcuts in the Windows Start Menu or setting custom icons on the Mac OS. This unique approach saves developers the expense of building installers for each platform and ensures that the end-user experience is a positive one.

The industry's leading commercial and enterprise software developers are using InstallAnywhere to simplify the process of deploying Java-based software to multiple platforms and rely on the product's ability to:

  • Create a single, universal installer that can deploy software to multiple platforms via the Internet or CD-ROM
  • Build installers for more platforms than any other solution, including: Mac OS 8, 9, X and X Server, Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Tru64, OS/2, and virtually any other Java-enabled platform
  • Install a Java virtual machine (VM) as part of an application's install, ensuring that the target system has the best VM for the application being installed
  • Automatically detect a project's "main" class and classpath and switch to 'Advanced Designer' mode to make sophisticated customizations at any time
  • Automatically build Web Installer HTML pages for easily deploying software via Intranets and the Internet
  • Support and install Java virtual machines (VM), including: Sun's Java 2 and Hot Spot, IBM's VM, Microsoft's SDK for Java, Symantec's Visual Café JIT, Inprise's JBuilder Java VM, Apple's MRJ 2.1.1, and Java 1.1.7 from other operating system vendors

Pricing and Availability

The InstallAnywhere line of products is available today from Zero G Software. InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition, USD $1,995, is licensed on a per-developer, per-system basis, allowing for the creation of an unlimited number of installers. InstallAnywhere Standard Edition at USD $995 and Express at USD $495 are also available direct from Zero G Software for developers with more straightforward deployment needs. Full Mac OS X support will be available concurrently with the release of Mac OS X. For more information please contact Zero G Software's sales team at (415) 512-7771 x4.

About Zero G Software, Inc.

A privately held company, Zero G Software, Inc. is the leading developer of multi-platform software deployment solutions. InstallAnywhere, Zero G's award-winning flagship product, has become the de facto standard for multi-platform deployment and installation, creating professional installers for all Java-enabled operating systems. Some of the company's customers include Adobe, AT&T, FedEx, IBM, Intel, Novell, and Sun Microsystems. Zero G Software is headquartered in San Francisco, California and can also be found on the Internet at www.ZeroG.com.


©2000 Zero G Software, Inc. Zero G Software, the Zero G logo, and InstallAnywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zero G Software, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Press Contact:
Chris Dorst
Zero G Software, Inc.
(415) 512-7771 x318

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