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Monday May 14, 9:15 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Zero G Software, Inc.

Moai Technologies Standardizes on InstallAnywhere(R)

Leading e-Sourcing Solutions to be Deployed Using Zero G's Industry-Leading Multi-Platform Deployment Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Zero G Software®, the leading provider of Java-based, multi-platform application infrastructure solutions, today announced that Moai Technologies has standardized on InstallAnywhere® 4 to deploy its LiveExchange(TM) 4.0 and CompleteSource(TM) Enterprise online negotiation software for e-sourcing. InstallAnywhere's flexible and intuitive deployment solutions enable Moai to deliver its world-class technology to customers anywhere, on multiple platforms.

Moai's award-winning LiveExchange and CompleteSource online negotiation solutions provide corporations, government organizations, and net market makers with the technology and expertise to power highly branded auctions, reverse auctions and structured negotiations for online strategic sourcing. LiveExchange and CompleteSource enables companies to improve their sourcing processes, manage inventory, and create new sales channels.

``Zero G's(TM) multi-platform installer technology is a natural fit with our Java-based products,'' said James Talbot, Moai's vice president of engineering. ``InstallAnywhere enables us to use a standardized solution for all platforms instead of having to develop and maintain semi-custom batch files and scripts for the Windows and UNIX platforms.''

Moai has integrated InstallAnywhere's ability to deploy applications in console mode into its quality assurance process. ``InstallAnywhere's console mode functionality has helped us to streamline testing,'' added Talbot. ``We create nightly builds of our software and send it to QA for testing. Before InstallAnywhere, we had to install our enterprise-class software manually onto each of three platforms. Now, with InstallAnywhere 4's silent command-line functionality, we deploy to QA by executing just a few commands, saving many man-hours and speeding our time to market.''

``Moai Technologies created the category of negotiation software, powering the way that companies do business across the enterprise,'' said Eric Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Zero G. ``They can't afford to standardize on a solution that provides anything less than world-class multi-platform functionality. Moai needed transparent, seamless deployment, and InstallAnywhere delivered. As visionary software companies like Moai move toward a software distribution model that can accommodate the multiple platforms used by their enterprise customers, they will continue to look for application infrastructure solutions such as InstallAnywhere.''

About Zero G

Founded in 1996, Zero G Software, Inc.® is the leading developer of multi-platform software deployment and updating solutions. Some of the blue-chip software producers who count on Zero G are Adobe, AT&T, BEA, Borland, IBM, Intel, Moai Technologies, Nortel, Novell, and Sun Microsystems. Privately held, Zero G is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and may be contacted at 415-512-7771 or found on the Internet at http://www.ZeroG.com .

About Moai Technologies

Moai is an e-business infrastructure provider, offering online e-sourcing and negotiation solutions that can lower costs and raise profit margins. By automating contract negotiations and bringing traditional bidding and strategic sourcing processes to the Web, Moai's LiveExchange and CompeteSource solutions deliver global reach and increased supplier competition to corporations. Moai estimates that during 2000, customers sourced $1.1 billion in materials through LiveExchange, realizing an overall savings in goods of over $100 million. Moai is an e-business leader with licenses for more than 140 customers worldwide.

NOTE: Zero G Software and InstallAnywhere are the registered trademarks of Zero G Software. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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