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Monday June 4, 9:15 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Zero G Software, Inc.

Plazmic Standardizes on PowerUpdate(TM) and InstallAnywhere(R)

Leading Software Company to Deploy Authoring Tool for Rich Wireless Content Using Zero G(TM)'s Industry-Leading Multi-Platform Deployment Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- (JavaOne) Zero G Software®, the leading provider of Java-based, multi-platform software deployment solutions, today announced that Plazmic Inc., the leading provider of solutions for rich wireless content, has standardized on PowerUpdate and InstallAnywhere to deliver and update Plazmic Workshop(TM), their authoring environment for the rapid development of rich graphical content to their customers worldwide.

The Plazmic product suite enables the creation and distribution of rich wireless content worldwide. Their cornerstone product, Plazmic Media Engine(TM), is a downloadable, rich graphical player that displays interactive, animated 2-D graphics created using Plazmic Workshop. The company's technology platform allows content owners and content developers to create and deploy content services and applications for the accelerating base of enterprise users and consumers with a compelling wireless experience.

``Zero G's Java-based multi-platform solutions are a good fit for Plazmic,'' said Jay Steele, president and CTO, Plazmic Inc. ``Our customers are global content providers computing on many platforms, and our products are Java-based. Zero G's complete multi-platform deployment and updating solutions are a natural choice for us. PowerUpdate is easy to implement and when coupled with InstallAnywhere's industry-leading feature set, provides the out-of-the-box enterprise class functionality that we need. From being able to distribute software updates to our customers automatically to installing Plazmic Workshop onto diverse computing environments, Zero G provides us with a complete multi-platform deployment solution.

``Since its introduction in November 2000, PowerUpdate has registered more than 1,500 developer-users, who have in turn updated tens of thousands of their customers. ''Plazmic's products enable content owners to offer their subscribers unique, fresh, interactive and graphically rich wireless experiences,`` said Eric N. Shapiro, CEO of Zero G. ''The latest versions of PowerUpdate and InstallAnywhere are another step toward realizing our vision of deploying anything anywhere in a seamless, multi-platform software deployment solution -- one that enables the delivery of content, data, applications or complex web services to desktops, thin clients, rich clients, servers, mobile appliances, and other network-enabled devices.``

The InstallAnywhere Family

By delivering an ideal mix of power, ease of use, and functionality, the award-winning InstallAnywhere family has become the preferred choice of multi-platform software producers worldwide. No matter how simple or complex the installation, the method of distribution, or whether installation is on a single machine or across an international enterprise, InstallAnywhere is the shortest and most complete route from final build to customer ship. InstallAnywhere 4 Enterprise Edition, the world's most powerful multi-platform software deployment solution, simplifies complex installations and provides maximum developer customization, along with full international support for 29 different languages. InstallAnywhere 4 Standard Edition, the industry standard for multi-platform software installation, offers more features and customizability than every other product in its class. InstallAnywhere 4 Now! is the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive way to build multi-platform software installers.

The PowerUpdate Family

Available as a hosted service or as a stand-alone server installation, PowerUpdate ensures up-to-date system-wide software compatibility, lowers the cost of support, and provides developers with a seamless mechanism for deploying software revisions across the enterprise or around the world. PowerUpdate Pro(TM)'s open API and extensive reporting functionality gives software producers a complete live updating solution that automatically manages the downloading and installation of the latest version of an application. PowerUpdate Server(TM) contains all of the functionality of PowerUpdate Pro, delivered as an internal, stand-alone server application. Built upon a flexible architecture that may be deployed in a redundant, load-balanced environment, PowerUpdate Server is comprised of web servers, data storage and retrieval components. PowerUpdate Now!(TM) is the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive way to update multi-platform applications.

About Zero G

Founded in 1996, Zero G is the leading developer of multi-platform software deployment and updating solutions. Some of the blue-chip software producers who count on Zero G are Adobe, AT&T, BEA, Borland, IBM, Intel, Nortel, Novell, and Sun Microsystems. Privately held, Zero G is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and can be contacted at 415-512-7771 or found on the Internet at http://www.ZeroG.com.

About Plazmic

Plazmic, Inc. is the leading provider of solutions for rich wireless content. The Plazmic product suite enables the creation and distribution of rich, dynamic content to wireless devices worldwide. The product suite also addresses the market challenges to continuously offer unique, graphically rich wireless services and applications while minimizing development costs and shortening development cycles. The cornerstone product, the Plazmic Media Engine, is a downloadable media player that displays interactive and animated 2D graphics on wireless devices. Solutions built on the Plazmic technology platform support existing 2G network standards and readily scale into next generation 2.5G and 3G networks. The company has offices in Tokyo, Japan and Toronto, Canada. For more information please visit www.plazmic.com.

NOTE: Zero G, Zero G Software, PowerUpdate, PowerUpdateNow!, PowerUpdatePro, PowerUpdate Server and InstallAnywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zero G Software, Inc. Plazmic, and Plazmic Media Engine are trademarks of Plazmic Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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