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Tuesday November 14, 9:05 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Zero G Software, Inc.

Zero G Ships PowerUpdate(TM), Deployment Solution Adds Live Updating to Applications

Free Internet Service Updates Applications Easily and Automatically

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Zero G, the leading provider of multi-platform software deployment solutions, today announced the immediate availability of PowerUpdate, the easiest way for software producers to add live updating to their applications. PowerUpdate ensures up-to-date system-wide software compatibility, lowers the cost of support, and gives software producers a seamless mechanism for deploying software revisions across the enterprise or around the world.

PowerUpdate manages the downloading and installation of the latest version of an application automatically, eliminating the need to contact end-users whenever there is an update, patch, or new release. Through PowerUpdate's web-based interface, software producers can specify pertinent information about their application updates -- such as where, when, and how the revision is to be accomplished -- and have those updates performed automatically. Software developers can add live updating to their applications without having to rewrite a single line of code.

``Over time, all phases of the application development lifecycle will migrate to the web, and managing software revision and deployment for client/server systems is no exception to this trend,'' said Tracy Corbo, Senior Analyst, Applications Strategies at the Hurwitz Group. ``With corporate computing becoming more and more distributed, and with more demands being made on limited IT resources, it is neither possible nor practical to update each client system every time there is a software revision or update. Zero G's PowerUpdate solution enables IT departments to automate the process of version control, which in turn frees up IT departments to allocate their resources for more strategic projects.''

Flexible Updating Methods

PowerUpdate is an ideal solution for the independent software vendor who needs to update a large number of customers, and for the information technology professional who manages large workgroups and needs a seamless way to update programs or data. PowerUpdate's built-in intelligence allows software producers to deploy individual files, multiple files (to replace folders or groups of files), or new installers (to reconfigure or significantly modify a prior installation).

``PowerUpdate is the next step toward realizing our vision of a seamless, multi-platform software deployment solution -- one that enables the delivery of content, data and applications onto desktops, thin clients, and other digital devices,'' said Zero G founder and CEO Eric Shapiro. ``By making the software deployment and maintenance process painless, seamless and transparent to the end-user, Zero G is at the forefront of making the 'write once, run anywhere' promise of multi-platform software a reality.''

Easy Setup, Seamless Delivery

PowerUpdate's web-based interface takes software producers through the simple process of setting up the service. Once set-up is complete, the software producer downloads a ``Check for Update'' icon (the ``updater''). The updater is then added to the target application, enabling PowerUpdate to check for updates on demand. Updates may be invoked automatically, at specific times, or as requested by the end-user.

Once invoked, the updater contacts a secure server via the Internet, checking the version of the end user's application against the latest release. If any revisions are detected, PowerUpdate can download and install the newer version automatically, or the end-user may choose to download and install the newer version manually.

Service-based, ASP Model

PowerUpdate has been designed as a service, in order to allow software producers to focus on their core competency -- producing software. PowerUpdate is hosted on Zero G's secure servers, so there is no special server software to install and maintain. Leveraging the PowerUpdate service, IT departments can maintain corporate software without using their own valuable server space or network bandwidth. Software developers can rest easy, knowing that a trusted and secure source is managing the delivery of their revised content.

Multi-Platform, Compatible With Existing Deployment Solutions

PowerUpdate is fully compatible with nearly all installation and deployment solutions, including Zero G's award-winning InstallAnywhere®; it is also compatible with most popular platforms, including Windows (95, 98, Me, NT and 2000), Solaris, and Linux.

Availability and Pricing

PowerUpdate is available from the Zero G web site at www.ZeroG.com at no cost. Technical support is available through a free online discussion forum and through DevNet, Zero G's online developer network.

About Zero G

Founded in 1996, Zero G is the leading developer of multi-platform software deployment and updating solutions. Some of the blue-chip software producers who count on Zero G are Adobe, AT&T, BEA, IBM, Intel, Nortel, Novell, and Sun Microsystems. Privately held, Zero G is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and can be contacted at 415-512-7771 or found on the Internet at http://www.ZeroG.com.

NOTE: Zero G, Zero G Software, PowerUpdate and InstallAnywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zero G Software, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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