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Tuesday January 16, 12:41 pm Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Digital Creations

Digital Creations Partners With bayMountain to Create Scalable Open Source Enterprise-Level Clustering Solutions

Combining Strength of Application Server Cluster With Scalability of Web Server Cluster to Meet Enterprise Internet Infrastructure Needs

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Creations, creator of Zope(TM) and developer of content management business solutions, announced a new partnership with bayMountain, the leading provider of Linux-based managed hosting services. As part of this partnership, bayMountain will provide server clustering expertise and services in support of Zope.org, Digital Creation's high-traffic Open Source development site. In addition, bayMountain will provide the infrastructure foundation for Digital Creations' new content management solution, to be released later this year.

Digital Creations and bayMountain will work together to deliver a fully clustered Open Source solution to the marketplace. With this solution, corporations with high-traffic sites can have confidence that their system will have the reliability and scalability essential for an enterprise-level application.

Both companies will showcase their solution at the upcoming LinuxWorld Expo in New York, January 31 through February 2. Digital Creations is located at booth #857; bayMountain is across the aisle at booth #751.

``Scalability has always been a concern, because Zope.org is one of the most highly trafficked Open Source development sites on the web,'' said Paul Everitt, Digital Creations CEO. ``With our focus on addressing enterprise-wide content management needs, scalability is no longer just a concern -- it is a necessity. This unique clustering combination maximizes scalability, and provides the benefit of end-to-end development, hosting and management of enterprise-level Internet infrastructure.''

``This partnership brings together the best of Digital Creation's Zope application server cluster and our bayCluster(TM) high performance computing offering. To maximize the benefits of clustering, application and infrastructure need to work hand-in-hand,'' said Mark Wensell, bayMountain CEO. ``Clients of both companies will greatly benefit from this tight partnership. They will now have a talented, responsive team for both development and hosting, with seamless transition between the two. Clients should also benefit from improved time-to-market as a result of the clustering integration.''

About Zope

Zope is the leading Open Source application server, specializing in content management, portals, and custom applications. Since Digital Creations introduced Zope as an Open Source product in late 1998, Zope has quickly become the platform of choice for demanding application developers and content managers. As an Open Source solution, Zope is available free of charge and comes with complete source code.

About bayCluster

bayCluster is a high-performance computing solution that leverages expertise in load-balanced cluster technology to deliver performance on a sliding scale ahead of demand. Configurations are built based on existing IT needs and are scaled up or down based on the amount of resources needed to serve requests for capacity. bayCluster provides a fully scalable, reliable and cost-effective alternative for dynamic web site and e-commerce transaction requirements. These configurations are hosted and managed in bayMountain's data center or at any partner location.

About Digital Creations

Digital Creations develops next-generation web applications, particularly content management solutions, based on the Open Source Zope development framework. Using Zope allows Digital Creations to rapidly create and deploy large-scale systems, and to deliver reliable, high-performance, scalable web sites that are easily maintained, even by non-professionals. Customers include the Gannett Company, WebMD, the U.S. Navy and HomeGain.com. Digital Creations recently received $12 million in funding from a group of investors including Whitney & Co., the Intel 64 Fund and Opticality Ventures. Digital Creations, which is headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, maintains a web site at http://www.digicool.com .

About bayMountain

bayMountain is the leading provider of comprehensive Linux-based managed hosting services for small-to-medium sized businesses. bayMountain's core competencies include server clustering, load balancing, and proactive monitoring and management. This expertise ensures a scalable growth path for its clients, providing both high-availability and high-performance. Building on the management team's previous experiences with commercial Internet services and computational clusters, bayMountain has an initial client base utilizing its technology in a variety of business applications. Founded in March 2000, bayMountain is based in Richmond, Virginia. More information about bayMountain is available at http://www.baymountain.com .

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