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Wednesday July 24, 8:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Zope Corporation

Zope Corporation Launches EuroZope Foundation

Paul Everitt, Co-Founder Accepts Directorship

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Zope Corporation, the leader in open source content management and developers of Zope®, the leading open source web application server, is the founding sponsor of the new EuroZope Foundation headed by Paul Everitt.

Zope Corporation lends its support for this new non-profit foundation which will promote Zope software and business opportunities in the European communities. Paul Everitt, co-founder of Zope Corporation and current Chief Strategy Officer, is leaving the Company to become the full-time Managing Director of this exciting new enterprise.

"Zope usage has been growing rapidly worldwide, particularly in Europe where there are many Zope-based businesses," says Hadar Pedhazur, Chairman of Zope Corporation. "One of the primary missions of the new EuroZope Foundation is to help businesses network and leverage their expertise in various verticals. There will be many benefits for companies who join the Foundation to deliver high-quality products and services to European customers."

Paul Everitt has long identified Europe as a major growth opportunity for Zope. During his numerous trips to Europe in the past year, he formulated the idea for the EuroZope Foundation. Zope Corporation believes that launching the Foundation and leaving governance to its members, is the best way to achieve success. Paul will relocate to Europe to direct the Foundation.

"Zope has the potential to grow tenfold in the next year, and Europe provides unique ingredients to achieve this growth," says Paul Everitt. "European firms are just beginning to realize the potential market impact of their Content Management Systems and are looking to go full steam ahead. Governments are reacting favorably to open source software and Zope in particular has a good proportion of its developers in Europe. Geographic proximity makes it cost-effective to coordinate inter-company efforts. The foundation can actively pursue opportunities, promoting Zope and fostering cooperation between EuroZope companies."

About Zope

Zope is the leading open source application server, specializing in content management, portals, and custom applications. Since Zope Corporation introduced Zope as an open source product in 1998, it has become the platform of choice for web content publishers, managers and application developers. Zope comes with complete source code, and no software licensing fees. There are over 20,000 developers around the world contributing to Zope, providing on-going support and enhancements. More information, including the Zope source code, is available at http://www.zope.com.

About Zope Corporation

Zope Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise content management solutions based on the open source Zope application server and its new Content Management Framework (CMF). Zope Corporation rapidly creates and deploys high-performance content management solutions that are scalable, reliable, and easily maintained. Source code is delivered with their systems, so clients have complete control over their software. Customers include Fortune 1000 companies, newspapers and other media, telecommunications firms, government agencies, the military, educational institutions and Internet businesses. Zope Corporation is backed by Opticality Ventures http://www.opticality.com. The company is headquartered in Virginia. For more on Zope Corporation and Zope visit http://www.zope.com.

 CONTACT: Lois Snitkoff Zope Corporation,
540-361-1720 lois@zope.com 

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