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Thursday May 4, 4:54 pm Eastern Time

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SOURCE: Digital Creations

VistaSource and Digital Creations Team for Launching New Site

BOSTON, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- VistaSource, Inc. and Digital Creations (www.digicool.com) of Fredericksburg, VA, today announced the launch of the VistaSource Web site powered by the Open Source Zope application server. VistaSource, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Applix Inc. and a leading provider of productivity and analytic applications for the Linux and ASP markets. Digital Creations is the publisher of Zope (www.zope.org), the premiere Open Source application server for creating dynamic on-line content.

``When Applix launched VistaSource as a subsidiary last month, we had less than seven days to create a dynamic, content-rich Web site,'' said VistaSource president Bernie Thompson. ``Also, Applix wanted us to switch from our proprietary application server to a more powerful Open Source package. Zope offered us a scaleable content management solution that fit into our multiple- author, simple workflow model. Our Zope-powered VistaSource site delivered over 120,000 hits the first day without breaking a sweat.''

``VistaSource is a leader in Linux appliations, and their positive experience is a good example of the power of Zope,'' said ``Paul Everitt,'' mailto:paul@digicool.com, CEO of Digital Creations. Zope delivers a powerful, easy-to-use application server with a fast time-to-market and return on investment.``

Zope is the leading Open Source application server, specializing in content management, portals, and custom solutions. VistaSource joins the roster of high profile web-based businesses using Zope including ZapMedia.com, BeOpen.com, and Healtheon/WebMD. Digital Creations provides Zope solutions through consulting, technology partnerships, and other services.

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