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Tuesday May 9, 3:10 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: Digital Creations

Digital Creations Partners with ZapMedia To Develop Content Management System

ATLANTA, May 9 /PRNewswire/ -- ZapMedia.com, Inc. recently partnered with Digital Creations of Fredericksburg, VA, to design the portal half of its entertainment media web site. Utilizing its Open Source application server Zope, Digital Creations implemented the server-side business logic that communicates with ZapMedia's highly touted ZapStation(TM) hardware device to deliver entertainment assets. The media library and registered member system is built on a Zope content management architecture. The project began last January.

``We examined other content management systems for the server side of our business and chose Zope for its time to market and flexibility,'' said ZapMedia.com CEO, Kenneth O. Lipscomb. ``We then partnered with Digital Creations as the Zope solution provider, and they played a vital role in requirements discovery, architecture design, development and implementation.''

Digital Creations founder and CEO Paul Everitt said, ``ZapMedia.com is a powerful player in the market for bringing digital content into the home. The use of Zope as a high performance content management system and portal architecture allows ZapMedia to integrate and deliver content from multiple sources. By bringing the resources of Digital Creations into the developmental picture, ZapMedia.com was able to decrease the time to market for the ZapStation(TM). And ZapMedia.com gains by increasing their ROI by working concurrently in a Zope-based business environment.''

The ZapStation(TM) device blends Internet access with a variety of in-home entertainment hardware devices. Scheduled for delivery this fall, the device will allow users to access and store videos, movies, music, e-mail and other Web content, then direct it to TVs, radios, personal computers, and other players. ZapMedia recently received a major boost from Gannett, parent company of USA Today, which invested $270 million in the entertainment company.

ZapMedia.com, Inc. (http://www.zapmedia.com/) is a next generation Internet Company delivering instant access to movies, music, and videos to web to consumers of all ages through existing TVs and Stereos. The ZapMedia ecosystem, developed in-house, consists of the ZapStation(TM) (Device), ZapMedia Engine (Software), ZapAccess (Service), and ZapMedia.com (Portal).

Zope (http://www.zope.org/) is the leading Open Source application server, specializing in content management, portals, and custom solutions. ZapMedia.com joins the roster of high profile web-based businesses using Zope, including VistaSource.com, HomeGain.com, and Healtheon/WebMD. Digital Creations (http://www.digicool.com/) provides Zope solutions through consulting, technology partnerships, and other services.

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