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Wednesday November 29, 5:30 am Eastern Time

Press Release


Homestead Membership Exceeds Eight Million

Company Now Adding One Registered Web Site Builder Every Four Seconds; Makes Web Site Building Even Easier With Enhanced Page Building Process

MENLO PARK, Calif., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Homestead.com, an Internetcommunications company that offers a comprehensive resource for building Websites, today announced that it has surpassed eight million registered membersof its service. Every four seconds someone builds a Web site using Homestead'stechnology, and more than 100,000 new members register for the service eachweek.

The company also announced today that it has created a new version of itsflagship SiteBuilder product that makes Web site building even easier forHomestead members. The upgrade includes a new Web page building process andmore intuitive site navigation that greatly reduce the time it takes to builda site.

``Homestead has achieved extraordinary, viral growth, and we're leveragingthis growth by making our service even easier to use,'' said Rich Pearson,vice president of marketing for Homestead.com. ``Our new site building processand site navigation can bring the time it takes to build a Web site to lessthan an hour, and we believe Homestead's simplicity, flexibility and timesavings make it a powerful way to connect with family, friends andcolleagues.''

Service Upgrade Increases Ease-of-use and Time Saved

The new version of SiteBuilder includes enhancements that allow Homesteadmembers to create Web sites more quickly and easily. The upgraded pagebuilding process consists of a ``template wizard,'' which walks the user througha step-by-step process to select a page layout, a page style and any of theHomestead Elements, Web site building blocks that range from Internet content, to services and technologies. In addition, Homestead has improved its site navigation to provide members with a more user-friendly and intuitive way to click through the Homestead site.

As part of the upgrade, Homestead has also provided for its members a new Photo Center and several new Elements. The new Photo Center, created in conjunction with Shutterfly, offers Homestead's eight million members a convenient way to view and share photos online, personalize their photos with borders and effects, post images on their personal Web sites and order high-quality prints of their favorite images. New Homestead Elements include the Vendio SmartShoplet(TM) which allows members to place ``storelets'' on their page and showcase a wide variety of content-relevant products for sale, an iClips Element that enables members to create streaming video that they can publish and share on their Web site, and a winfreestuff.com sweepstakes Element.

About Homestead.com

Homestead.com integrates and distributes Internet content, services and technologies to enable individuals and small businesses to create feature-rich Web sites. Homestead has over 8 million registered members. Homestead enables members to communicate with friends and family, meet people around the world, and operate small businesses online. Members can easily build personalized Web sites from Homestead's palette of customizable, ``drag-and-drop'' Elements. Homestead currently offers more than 150 of these pre-programmed Elements that include everything from basics such as text boxes, buttons and photos to dynamic features including chat rooms and e-commerce payment processing. Homestead allows its Element partners to reach a targeted audience and provides its numerous co-brand partners with a complete Web site building platform. Based in Menlo Park, Calif., the company has more than 130 employees. Homestead is available at http://www.homestead.com .

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