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Tuesday May 16, 7:33 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

xSides, U S WEST Dex Agreement Will Make uswestdex.com's Internet Yellow Pages Services Available Directly from Users' Computer Desktops

xSides' Technology Will Create Always-Visible, Customizable uswestdex.com Toolbar, Speeding Access to Internet Yellow Pages Search Services

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 2000-- xSides Corp. and U S WEST Dex have signed an agreement that will allow uswestdex.com site visitors to download a customizable toolbar providing convenient, immediate access from their computer desktop to uswestdex.com Internet Yellow Pages and online marketplace services.

As part of the agreement, U S WEST Dex, the leading Internet Yellow Pages service in U S WEST's (NYSE:USW - news) 14-state region (NFO AD:Impact, Q4 1999), will license xSides' patented technology, which creates space at the bottom of users' computer screens, allowing U S WEST Dex to display customized Web applications and content. U S WEST Dex's customizable toolbar will appear across the bottom of the PC screen, and is always visible and accessible but never interferes with existing desktop applications. It will be available for download from the uswestdex.com site this summer.

``xSides' unique technology will enable us to help consumers access our information even faster and easier than they can today,'' said Margaret McGuckin, vice president and general manager of U S WEST Dex Internet & New Ventures groups. ``That creates a convenience we believe consumers will appreciate and use often, which in turn will benefit our Internet Yellow Pages advertisers.''

``Our agreement with U S WEST Dex continues to demonstrate the value companies place on securing dedicated screen space to deliver any information or applications that they want to be readily available and always visible to their end users,'' said Bob Steinberg, chairman and CEO of xSides Corp.

About xSides Corporation

xSides Corporation, formerly The Pixel Company, was established to develop and market technologies that allow applications and Internet content to be displayed in new real estate on the computer screen. The patented xSides technology (U.S. patent number 6,018,332) enables the display of interactive content, applications and graphics at the bottom of a personal computer or operating system-enabled TV screen, outside and independent of the traditional operating system display area. Internet content and applications in the xSides area of the screen won't conflict with or be covered by other applications. xSides' technology supports customized, third-party applications. For more information about xSides technology and potential consumer and enterprise applications, visit http://www.xSides.com. xSides is privately funded and based in Seattle.

About U S WEST Dex

U S WEST Dex is the print and online directory publishing and online advertising arm of U S WEST, Inc., (NYSE:USW - news). The company's uswestdex.com site (http://uswestdex.com) has the most monthly visits, the highest percentage of visitors who contact a merchant and make a purchase after finding a business on an online directory, the most advertisers, and features the most accurate Yellow and White Pages listings of any online directory in U S WEST's 14-state service area. Additionally, Dex provides Web site development and hosting, local banner advertising, Web site and e-mail links, and InfoPages -- all targeted to small- and medium-sized businesses.

xSides Corporation is a trademark of xSides. U S WEST Dex is a registered trademark of U S WEST Inc. Other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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     Denise Palmer, 425/450-9965 x110
     U S WEST Dex
     Gregg Stucker, 303/784-2572

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