ARC Systems

"In the process of meeting VC's, and we saw many, it became clear that the only individual who had the background, experience and ability to share our vision was Hadar Pedhazur. His down-to-earth realism provided us the springboard from which we were able to make sound business decisions with positive outcomes.

What makes him unique is his appreciation of what it takes to make a business work from a technology perspective as well as the effort required to produce measurable results. He understands the financial and management parameters of running a profitable business.

In addition, he did the homework to understand our marketplace as well as the broad application of ARC Systems' basic technology across a spectrum of other markets. Most importantly, he has participated with us as a true partner in crafting and implementing our long range vision.

At the core of all business is a philosophy which permeates the organization in ways people seldom understand. Those elements are a high set of principles, not the least of which are honesty, morality, and a deep sense of fair play. Hadar embodies these principles in everything he does. We are extremely fortunate to have Hadar as an investor, VC, and advisor for ARC Systems."

--- Ed Jones, CEO