Javelin Technologies

"When Javelin Technologies Inc. began its first round of institutional financing, we were bombarded with many offers. What we realized was that there was a difference between plain money and 'dollars with depth'.

We met investors who tried to convince us that they had their pulse on the future of electronic trading. But Hadar was the only one we met who actually did. His ability to simultaneously embody the worlds of technology and finance was the first thing that caught our attention. But as we discovered very soon afterwards, his business acumen, management expertise and contacts were exactly what we needed and there was no question we wanted him onboard.

Opticality acts like a true partner and created an environment where other strategic and institutional investors came to us. And because of Hadar's reputation for finding hidden gems, we found ourselves fielding calls from the top investment banks all eager to invest in future rounds. Amazing!

Hadar is both a valued board member and trusted colleague contributing to our corporate vision. He has been consistently delivering us strategic partners, executive and board member candidates, and new business opportunities, all of which contributes to our market value."

--- George Kledaras, CEO