Red Oak Software

"As a young company, Red Oak has relied heavily upon Hadar Pedhazur, not only as an investor, but more importantly as a solid sounding board for the critical decisions always faced by any new organization. He is one of the most insightful people I've ever met, and he has a superb understanding of the technology marketplace. Hadar's invaluable advice and guidance have helped keep us on track to realize our plans. It helps immensely when your investors share your vision.

But, what really makes Hadar unique is that he simply and truly cares. I have known him for over a decade and have been continually amazed by his unfailing willingness to share his broad knowledge, perspective and time. In fact, his passion for our success has been equaled only by his dispassionate and sound business judgment.

Yet, his value to us goes well beyond merely investor and advisor. Every company, new or old, states they believe deeply in doing business ethically and above reproach. Hadar is one of the few individuals where this belief is at the heart of everything he does. When he says he believes it is the right thing to do, you can rest assured it will pass all tests. There is no substitute for integrity.

I've come to rely upon him as one of those rare breeds - a true friend."

--- George Cummings, CEO