SourceGear Corporation

"Given the sheer amount of investment capital which needs a home, the best deals go to the best venture capitalists. It is just as important for the investor to distinguish himself as it is for the entrepreneur.

Most professional investors do a very poor job at differentiating themselves from the field. It is common for an investor to make claims about the unique types of value which they can add to a young firm. Most of these claims are made with little supporting evidence.

Based on my experiences so far, Hadar Pedhazur is refreshingly genuine. Even though our firm has not yet obtained funding from Hadar, he has invested substantial amounts of time and energy in helping us. He has been selfless, trustworthy, and clueful. I can point to specific, concrete situations where his counsel has helped SourceGear be more successful.

Based on his growing reputation, Hadar Pedhazur hardly needs my recommendation. I am nonetheless pleased to offer it. If you can convince Hadar to invest in your firm, do the deal."

--- Eric Sink, CEO