XMLSolutions Corporation

"XMLSolutions Corporation met with many VC's before deciding to partner with Hadar Pedhazur. Hadar demostrates a complete grasp of every aspect of our business plan, including a detailed understanding of the technology. In fact, I tell people that our technology PhD's often have trouble keeping up with him.

The business of XML is moving at break-neck speed. It was incumbent upon us to find someone who could both keep up, but assure that we didn't run so fast as to forget what direction we should be running in. Hadar has wonderfully performed the role of someone who both pushes us and guides us at the same time. He has solved thorny problems and introduced us to terrific customer opportunities.

At our request, he spoke at an executive XML conference. He had the misfortune to be the last speaker on the last day (a Friday!). A number of people rescheduled their flights to stay to hear him, and all were glad that they did.

When I met Hadar a year ago, I knew I wanted him to back whatever company I formed. Now that he's done so, I know that I was correct, and I'll take the credit."

--- Kevin Kail, CEO