"As a bonafide Internet start-up , iClips needed more than just money. We needed a true partner who would bring a depth of knowledge and expertise to help us continually refine and grow our business. Moreover, we wanted a partner who would bring a level of commitment to the business in terms of time and attention to deliver that expertise on a moment's notice.

Hadar brings a level of expertise that I have rarely seen from any other VC. Not just a "money guy," he sleeps, eats and breathes technology, and has begun building out a team of true technology experts. In a business where it's impossible to separate technology from business goals, the fact that Hadar can personally understand and synthesize the two into 10,000-foot perspectives and operational objectives, makes him unique among investors.

Equally important, Hadar and his team are amazingly accessible, and will always make time for management. In a business where things happen incredibly quickly, and minimizing opportunity costs is crucial to winning, Hadar's availability to focus on our priorities at a moment's notice is both an asset for the business and a source of comfort for management.

Finally, everything Hadar and his team do is infused with an honest, ethical, no nonsense approach that is a breath of fresh air in an industry that isn't always knows for such virtues. He truly cares about you as an individual, your business, and your vision, and will do what it takes to help you succeed!"

--- Michael Diamant, CEO