May Poker Results

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Wow, May was not a good month. At least not economically.

Let’s lead off with the bottom line, because it’s ugly, and I want to get it out of the way: -$74.09.

Whew. I could go on and on about how many unlucky hands I had, and it would be true, but it would be completely meaningless. That happens all the time. I continually put myself in positions where outdraws were possible. In Hold’Em, that’s exactly what you want to do. In Omaha, the number of draws is often crazy, and you can easily get sliced up overbetting decent flops, even though the people who are calling are risking their tournament lives…

OK, I’m over it.

First, the highlights. I had a really good streak mid-month, and was up about $140 for the month at that time. Now you can appreciate the slide that I’ve been on since then…

I had two straight-flushes this month, and one royal flush. The royal came in Omaha, and there was no low, and I was called down, so I actually cashed in on it. It’s rare to get called if you hit one in Hold’Em, so it was a particularly sweet moment. On the other hand, it was in a “Limit” game, so I didn’t clean up. In fact, I finished 4th in that tourney, one out of the money. 🙁

On to the breakdown. I played in 24 Hold’Em one-table tourneys. That’s an investment of $264. I collected $180. I lost the last 8 in a row, so I was ahead a few dollars until the last week.

I played in 12 multi-table Omaha 8/b (Hi Lo) tourneys for $22 buy-ins, total invested $264. Three in-the-money finishes, for a return of $278.00, for a minor win. Considering that I lost the last 7 in a row, that’s were my early profits were, which I gave back too easily.

The rest, an amalgam of multi-table stuff (including a few $5 Omahas, but mostly Hold’Em). There were 18 of those, ranging from $1 to $15 in buy-in size. Total invested $139.30. Only three cashes out of the 18 tourneys 🙁 and they were all in $5 Omaha games, for a total of $83.07. So, I made a decent return on my Omaha ones, but blew 100% of my multi-table Hold’Em ones this month. I should have played nothing but Omaha. 😉

So, a bad result for the month, with some bright spots. I got to up my play a bit (nice long weekend on Memorial Day), but finished the month really poorly after a great start!

See you next month 🙂