June Poker Roll Continues :-)

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OK, like I said, I can’t resist sharing while the good times are rolling.

I started the day with a $1 (OK, those are really $1.10, but I’ve been rounding in my previous reports) 😉 Omaha Hi-Lo. I play those for fun, since even first place is under $100. Prizes are just as good percentage-wise, just not in absolute value.

What I like about these is that it’s a good time to hone skills against bad players. What I mean is that most people are playing like it’s a freeroll, so they play much more loosely. After all, who is afraid to lose $1. I try hard to treat it as a very expensive tourney, and see if I can adjust my style to work against that loose play. It rarely works, but it’s fun. I have come in the money at least once, but like I said, it’s rare…

Then I played in the $11 Omaha Hi-Lo that I won on Saturday. I finished 30th out of 80. Not that good in other words…

Then I played in another $1.10 Omaha Hi-Lo, which was a qualifier for the nightly $22 one. I rarely play in that one, but I had a chance to today. I was doing fine, then I got unlucky and it was all over. No complaints.

Then I entered a $5.50 Omaha Hi-Lo. I was doing really well. There were 20 players left, and I was in 7th. I ended up in a hand where I flopped a set, the other guy bet, and I called. On the turn, I improved to a full house. He bet, and I called. River looked like it might end up giving us a split, making a possible low for him. He went all-in, I called. The river gave him a higher full house, so I lost. A few hands later, I was out in 20th. They only paid the top 10. Oh well…

Then I entered the regular $22 Omaha Hi-Lo evening tourney. Ironically, my nemesis didn’t enter tonight, which is pretty rare, and he did log on later on, so he was likely just running a little late.

79 players, top 10 got paid. I had solid cards and played them reasonably well tonight. When I built a nice stack I got a little too conservative. It didn’t hurt me tonight, but it could easily have done so. On one hand, I chose not to risk my stack after I limped and someone with a much smaller stack raised big, and another one called. I would have flopped a set of J’s, and improved to 4 Jacks, and knocked them both out and had a monster stack. Like I said, tonight it didn’t hurt me.

Long story short, I finished 4th. Since there were fewer players than yesterday, I didn’t make substantially more than I did for my 6th yesterday, but I’m not complaining. I got back $158 for my $22. Woo hoo.

Winnings for the day: +$116.04. Winnings for the month: +$342.15

If the roll ends, or I don’t get to play for any reason, I likely won’t write about it. Not because of any shame, but rather I’ve learned that no one likes bad beat stories, and certainly no one wants to hear didn’t get to play stories either. 😉