Final Sunday July 2007 Poker Update

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Well, got to play a bit of poker this week, but it didn’t go so well. I will still wait until the end of the month (just two more days) to report more generally.

Yesterday, I played in a qualifier to get into the big one tonight. Ironically, we were supposed to have company with us in the city this weekend (as we were supposed to last weekend), and they got rained in at the Durham airport, so we came to the house yesterday morning. For $31, I won an entry into the big one tonight.

Here is my log from while I was playing:

1048 entrants top 110 paid

Only played one hand so far, and won.

1000 left, in 129th
966 left, in 205th
934 left, in 57th
889 left, in 92nd
796 left, in 21st
684 left, in 34th
585 left, in 66th
468 left, in 15th
378 left, in 25th
277 left, in 55th
268 left, in 2nd
220 left, in 10th
194 left, in 19th
153 left, in 35th
144 left, in 47th
135 left, in 53rd
124 left, in 67th
122 left, in 48th
118 left, in 42nd
112 left, in 48th
111 left, in 50th



109 left, I’m in 52nd

I played way too tight from the moment I was in 2nd. Obviously, this was one of the shots to get a major prize, not a minor one, but I admit that cashing at all was more important to me. Oh well. At least the game is officially on now, and I still have enough chips to try and get lucky with…

98 left, I’m in 50th

That was a step up in the money!

94 left, I’m in 53rd
84 left, I’m in 50th

That was a step up in the money!

80 left, I’m in 58th

That was a step up in the money!

Oh well. Lost a “race” hand, and I’m out in 79th, and got back $419. Not too shabby, cashing 3 out of 4 times in the big one. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ironically, that wiped out most of my losses in the last two weeks. I’m near my peak for the month, but not quite there. That said, I am above where I was when I cashed in the big one 2 weeks ago, so that’s good enough for now. ๐Ÿ™‚