Month: September 2007

  • The Wailin’ Jennys are Wonderful

    Last night, Lois and I went to see The Wailin’ Jennys at Tarrytown Music Hall. We don’t own any of their CD’s, and weren’t familiar with their music. So, what made us go see them? I’ve written a number of times about how much I love to see David Bromberg perform live. In […]

  • Suzy Boggus at Joes Pub

    We have very good friends who we get together with in NYC regularly. Both couples have crazy schedules, so we try really hard to make it work whenever we can. We had suggested Thursday, September 20th for a get-together. They responded that the wife couldn’t make it that week, but the husband could. […]

  • Jonathan Pytell Graces the Piano

    A long while back, there was a crew at CBS TV that were customers of ours at Zope Corporation. That crew broke up, and after having moved to different places, has reassembled again at CBS Radio. CBS Radio is a very small customer of Zope Corporation, but this crew has no part of […]

  • Bad Result in Sunday Tourney

    I shouldn’t even bother posting. The only good news is that it didn’t drag on that long, and torture me with a “near the money” finish, like last time… Here are my notes: 871 entrants, top 90 get paid 820 left, in 232nd 815 left, in 135th 774 left, in 143rd 683 left, […]

  • FiOS TV Leads to HDTV

    As much of a technophile as I am, including being a gadget freak, I am also a reasonably late adopter for many technology breakthroughs. This included being very late to the Compact Disc party, among others. HDTV was no exception. I have friends who have had HDTV for a few years now, so […]

  • Silly DKIM Update

    This is an unnecessary post. I’m mostly doing it because I said I would, but really, because I changed the permalink structure of this blog, and this will be my first post with the new structure (though old posts are available under the new scheme as well). 🙂 It’s been a little more […]

  • On a Girlyman Mission

    There, I said it, I’m not embarrassed to be a Girlyman Groupie. 🙂 I’ve previously written about my accidental discovery of this wonderful group. If you didn’t read it, you don’t need to bother, as I’ll summarize much of what I said there here, and provide the more important of the links here […]

  • Bad result in Sunday Big Tourney on 9/2/2007

    No narrative necessary. Here is the log from my notes from today’s tourney, the first one in over a month that I got to play in… 846 entrants, top 90 paid 800 left in 11th 723 left in 35th 677 left in 56th 631 left in 26th 523 left in 13th 399 left […]

  • August 2007 Poker Update

    Another month, a ton more poker played. 🙂 The month started off OK with 5 days of poker generating $70 of profit. Then a trip to Zope made for zero poker played for the next 5 days (until the weekend). For the next few weeks, I was really busy on weekends, and while […]