October 2007 Poker Update

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October was not a good month economically. That said, I had an excellent month of winning qualifiers, including three in one week to the weekly big tourney, so it wasn’t all bad. I only got to use one in October, as we’ve been much busier on weekends than usual (if you read my non-poker posts, then you already know!). I won’t be playing this Sunday either, as it’s Girlyman night! 🙂

I thought I played reasonably well this month, with a few extremely notable exceptions (meaning, I got frustrated, and took some shots that were ill-advised). The majority of my losses came in the qualifier entries, meaning, even if I won the qualifier, the entire entry fee ends up counting as a loss.

My bottom line this month was down $239.89. Since the three seats that I won in the one week were worth $645, and I won other qualifiers (for roughly another $88), I far outstripped my entry fees, but my account is still down on the cash front.

Don’t cry for me (yet), as my account is still extremely healthy, and in the beginning of the month, actually hit an all-time high.

Not much else to report, other than that I haven’t played at all this week, which is marginally shocking. I’ve had a number of other things that I wanted to take care of, and while I could have snuck in a game or two, I didn’t want to keep being distracted by having to pay attention to the poker table, so I didn’t launch the software at all this week!