Another Sunday Poker Loss

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Here are my notes, nothing to add…

949 entrants, top 100 paid

Finally got to use one of my two previously won entries into
the weekly big one. As you (may) know, we’ve been busy the
past few weekends (all good stuff), and I haven’t been able
to play much online poker in general, and not at all in the
weekly big one…

We’ll see if the rust helps or hurts. 😉

Won one hand early, and was in 56th for a second. After a
few more hands, and a fold of both of my blinds, was down
to near 200th, so the above was meaningless…

Won a reasonable hand, and moved “up” to 158th, now slowly
drifting downwards again. After my win, one guy lost an
all-in with AK to A9, when the A9 hit the 9. He was pissed,
and called the other guy a “donk”. The very next hand, I had
77 in the small blind. The guy who was steaming went all-in
for his last 835 chips. I had 3100, and considered calling.
I decided to fold, since it is still very early. One guy
called him. Steamer had AQ, caller had KQ, neither hit, and
steamer doubled. I would have won, but think my fold was
correct (at least for my style of play…)

882 left, in 179th

Just had 88 in the BB. One guy min-raised, so I was looking
forward to making that call. The guy behind him raised to
nearly 8 times the BB, so I folded. So did the original
raiser, so he wasn’t min-raising AA. 🙂

Haven’t played a single hand in a while, so I’m drifting
downward in position, but not that much in chips…

788 left, in 268th

Made it to the first break! 🙂

699 left, in 356th (due to losing my blinds for 2 rounds)
594 left, in 370th (picked up the blinds twice)
474 left, in 340th

Made it to the second break! 🙂

Blinds are about to be a meaningful percentage of my stack,
so (unfortunately), I’m likely going to need to get out of
my normal comfort zone in terms of hand selection. Oh well,
luck be with me tonight! 🙂

After the break, picked up the blinds twice, and lost both
of my blinds twice, so I’m even on chips, but some other
people dropped out…

384 left, in 317th
289 left, in 275th (obviously, not too good)

This is just because others are passing me by. I still have
nearly all of my starting chips, but the average is more
than 3 times that, and the leaders have 10 times the chips
that I have. OUCH…

A desperate move is about to come, shortly, one way or
another. Still hoping to catch lucky at just the right
time. How’s that for skill in poker??? 😉

Just about out…

236 left, I’m in last place… 🙁

Finished in 228th. Never got it going tonight, even though I
“lasted” deep into the tourney…