Decent Result in Sunday Poker Tourney

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Well, the title gives it all away. You don’t need to read any further. 🙂

Seriously, a minor cash, but even the worst prize in the weekly tourney is a good one, when you don’t pay full freight to get in.

This is my third post of the day, and all three end with success, so this must be a good day! 😉

Here are my detailed notes:


908 entrants, top 100 paid

Last “pre-won” entry that I had in my account. If I want to
play in another big tourney, I’ll have to play (and win) a
qualifier. I haven’t played much poker at all in the past
few weeks, and no qualifiers at all…

Nice start. After folding the first 10 hands, including my
blinds, I picked up AA. I was in middle position, everyone
folded to me. I raised (to 35 chips, blinds were 5-10). I
expected everyone to fold, since this was the first hand I
played. The big blind called. Flop was T63, two diamonds. I
didn’t have a diamond. He bet 75 (the pot). I didn’t want to
just call, because of the diamond draw.

I raised to 225. He called. The turn was 8d, big scare
card. He bet 250, I just called. River was Kh (safe card,
presumably, for me). He bet only 100. It could have been a
sucker bet, looking for me to raise, and the pot was already
a nice size, so I just called. He had QhTd, so he had a pair
of 10’s. Nice win.

On the next hand, I had 99. One person min-raised, and
another called, so did I, plus one other later on. Flop was
J94, with two spades. One person bet 95, and I just called,
hoping for another caller. None. The turn brought a 10 (so
there was 9TJ on the board). He bet 185, and I raised to 880
(pot), to make it expensive to draw to a straight.

He thought for a long time, then folded. I’m hardly “in the
chips”, but it’s a better start for me than in a while…

841 left, in 99th (I was 75th earlier)

I’m as big an idiot as they come, seriously. I just
mis-played a hand so badly, and I knew at every bet that I
was making the wrong play. Cut my chips in 1/2, which is
exactly what I deserved. Man, it’s bad enough to play badly,
but it’s way worse to be aware of it in advance, and still
do it…

779 left, in 679th (ouch!)

AA just held up against AQ. He was all-in, I wasn’t, but
close enough to be a near double. Back to a reasonable
place, though less than before I made my horrid mistake…

Made it to the first break! 🙂

724 left, in 278th (somewhat better)
676 left, in 357th
653 left, in 253rd
629 left, in 361st (bouncing around a bit…)
484 left, in 396th (this hand could be it!)

Excellent! I had TT in the big blind. I had 200 in the
blind, and 1800 behind it. One guy raised to 500. I was
going to go all-in. The guy behind him went all in for
2635. I called. The first raiser folded. All-in guy had J9d,
so he was bluffing or panicing. The board ended up with four
hearts, with the Ah as well. I won, and am in reasonable
shape now (more chips than I ever had, but the average is
higher now too…).

The first raiser would have beaten me, so I was lucky he was
re-raised. He either had an A or a heart, either way, it
worked out well for me. 🙂

450 left, in 210th

Made it to the second break! 🙂

419 left, in 235th

Just got lucky. Guy to my right raised to 1000 (blinds are
150-300). I went all-in for 3350 with AKd. He called. He had
KK. I was in trouble. A came on the turn, and I doubled up.
Now in much better shape! He’s not happy…

327 left, in 131st
311 left, in 92nd
260 left, in 123rd

Hit with AA against AK against the same guy who I got lucky
on with my AK against his KK. He’s out, and I’m doing pretty
well now!

236 left, in 44th
180 left, in 89th (all from losing multiple blinds)

Made it to the third break! 🙂

155 left, in 108th (looks like another tight one!)
143 left, in 112th
137 left, in 116th
131 left, in 114th
126 left, in 113th
120 left, in 114th

Now all-in with JJ which held up against KJ. Whew!

118 left, in 80th
113 left, in 82nd
111 left, in 90th
107 left, in 91st
105 left, in 90th
103 left, in 92nd
102 left, in 87th (about to be the big blind) 🙁
101 left, in 86th (AT in the BB, but I can’t call) 🙁

Ha! Someone else bombed out while I stalled, and I
re-raised all-in and got called. He had A6, and I won!

Ridiculous ending… The very next hand, I’m in the small
blind with AKo. UTG raises, everyone else folds. I raise
all-in. He has me covered, but barely! He thinks for a long
while, then calls with AQd. I was a 70.9% favorite pre-flop.
The flop came 7dJdJc. Oh oh… Turn was 9d, and I was toast.

Out in 99th. Won $300 for my “free” entry. Can’t complain,
but man, doubling there would have put me in the top 20!

No complaints, but one of these days, getting lucky just a
second time (instead of only once!), and I might have a shot
at a real prize!