November 2007 Poker Summary

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Very short post this time around. I didn’t get to play too much this month, but a reasonable amount nonetheless. I already reported on the one live tourney here, with excellent results in that one. πŸ™‚

I’m posting this early because we have dinner plans tonight so I know I won’t be playing again this month.

Total profit of $268.28, all of it explained by my one in-the-money finish in the big weekly tourney this past Sunday. Clearly, the rest of the month was basically break even.

I also won four free entries into the nightly 7pm Omaha Hi-Lo tourney that I like so much. I deferred three of them (which I’ll use in December if I can), but I played in one on Wednesday night, and missed the money by two players. Oh well…

No big tourney entries earned, but I can’t play this Sunday anyway. I just missed winning a free entry by one player, but I made a profit of $21 attempting to win it, so it’s not too terrible.

Not a bad month, and back on track in the profit column. If you add the live cash too, then it was an excellent month!

See you next month. πŸ™‚