December 2007 Poker Update

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Well, as I mentioned in this post, December wasn’t a good month economically. That said, I had some very good results in qualifiers, including winning three seats to the big Sunday tournament. As mentioned in that last post as well, I ended up getting crushed in one of those tourneys, have the TDs to play in a future one of my choice, and got a cash refund for the third (which cut my losses for the month nicely!).

So, the bottom line is down $240.61 for the month. Nothing horrific, but nothing to be proud of either. That said, I was down $537 at the peak, so I cut the losses dramatically this past weekend. Considering that I have one free big tourney entry left in my account, I essentially broke even for the month.

For the year, I have done well. I didn’t start blogging about monthly results until March, so I don’t have a clean monthly tally for the year. So, roughly guessing where my account was at the beginning of the year, and where it is now, I’d say that conservatively speaking, I’m up $1,600 on the year (probably more). In other words, I’m minting money. đŸ˜‰

I’ll probably be playing in one or two small qualifiers today, so the above results aren’t exact, but darn close.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! đŸ™‚