Last Poker Post of 2007

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OK, I really didn’t expect to post again on poker this year. But, I have to. šŸ˜‰

I just played in two qualifiers. They started 40 minutes apart, so when the second started, I played in both simultaneously for about 90 minutes.

The first was for the big tourney on Sunday. That one cost me $15.50 to enter. The second was for the nightly Omaha Hi-Lo which I love so much. That one cost me $4.10 to enter. In the bigger one, there were 53 entrants, top four would win the free entry. I came in second, so I got the entry, and I’ll be playing this Sunday (and still have another entry in the bank).

In the second, there were also close to 53 entrants, but the top nine would win the free entry (worth $22). I came in ninth (which is as good as first in these types of tourneys!), so I won that entry too. I unregistered (since we’ll be out for New Year’s Eve tonight), so I can play tomorrow night without needing to qualify for it. šŸ™‚

So, two for two today, with a nearly 15-1 return in the first one, and 7-1 in the second.

Then, feeling that I was on a roll, I entered two more qualifiers for the nightly Omaha Hi-Lo. Unfortunately, I lost both (poor play on my part, not poor luck). I gave back a whopping $7.16 in those two tourneys. Now officially done for the year!

The final tally for the month got a tad worse (since I lost the entry fees mentioned above), and now stands at down $267.25. That said, I now have two big tourney entries in the bank, and one Omaha Hi-Lo one as well, which is worth $452. Hopefully, I’ll convert those entries to real cash. šŸ™‚