Super Superbowl

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What a great game last night. We had a bunch of people over (or rather, we were two of the bunch of people at our friends’ house in Richmond, VA), and it was a great party all around (food, conversation, game, etc.).

As I noted in this post, I didn’t bet on this year’s Superbowl (at least, I didn’t intend to). šŸ˜‰

Before the game started, a friend egged me on to bet him, and he wanted me to take the Giants. Even though I was pulling 51-49% for the Pats, I really didn’t they’d cover the spread even if they won. Plus, I knew I’d enjoy an outright Giants win as well.

So, I reluctantly agreed to break my non-betting rule, and risked an entire $1 on the Giants! As you all know by now, I am $1 richer (in real cash money!). šŸ™‚