Disappointing Poker Today

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So, we’re back in the hotel in Fredericksburg after spending the week in Florida. We were both exhausted, so other than a quick shopping trip this morning, we spent the day in the room.

I spent a fair amount of time playing poker during the day, all in qualifiers. I won a seat to the big tourney at 5pm today, and won two entries to the 7pm Omaha Hi-Lo (so, I have a spare one to use in the future).

I didn’t take notes, so I’ll be somewhat brief. There were 989 entrants in the 5pm, with top 100 paid. It was a crazy tournament for me. When there were roughly 800 left, I was probably in 750th (in other words, not doing well).

I then had 55 and went all-in. I got called by AKo, and the 55 held up. The very next hand, UTG raises, I go all-in again with QQ. He thinks for a while, then calls with JJ. QQ held up, and now I’m in reasonable shape. Very next hand, I raise with ATd, he’s the only caller (he’s now crippled, so I’m not worried). An A comes on the flop, and he pushes his last 140 chips. I call. He has A9. A ten comes on the turn, to seal it for me.

I then hang with the same number of chips forever. Then, with JJ in the small blind, I call a raise for 1/4 of my chips. Flop comes 79Q. I check, he goes all-in and has me covered. It was a smelly bet, and I had a very long way to the money anyway, so I called. He had Q8s (which made his pre-flop raise a little stupid). Still, I was reasonably dead. River brought the wonderful J and I doubled up. I was now in 185th place with roughly 500 left.

Cutting to the chase, when my chips were again cut in half, and the blinds high, I pushed all-in with AK. Got called by a big stack with 99, and by a smaller stack with 46. A nine came on the turn (not that he needed it, since I never paired my K or A), and I was out. I finished 163rd. Another close to the money, but not quite there.

Similar (not as close) result in the 7pm. 125 entrants, top 20 paid, and I finished in 52nd (my AA37 got busted when the caller flopped two pair, J7).

So, good results in the qualifiers, bad results in the actual tourneys, where it counts more. 🙁

Even though I haven’t played too much this month, it’s reasonably bad so far…