Discovering Stephen Bennett

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I just wrote a very long post a few minutes ago. At the end, I mentioned that I was sure I left out some additional nuisances. It turns out, that what I left out was one of the more important positives of the evening. It’s enough to warrant a small post on it’s own (now that I remember it), rather than burying it as a comment to my own post.

In that post, I mentioned that Antoine Dufour was hysterical. Here’s one example. He told the crowd that he didn’t understand how we Americans decided to pronounce ph as v. Specifically, he couldn’t understand the reasoning behind saying Steven when it’s spelled Stephen. He said that it became particularly strange for him when he was playing in Viladelvia. 😉

OK, jokes aside, he used that lead-in to tell us that one of his inspirations in the guitar world was Stephen Bennett. He told us that Stephen is very ill and needs a kidney transplant. He wrote a song for Stephen, and sent it to him (along with the rest of the CD).

I vaguely recalled having heard the name before, and when I logged on this morning, I realized from where. I have previously touted DigitalDreamDoor top 100 Acoustic Albums list. While I have made a dent in accumulating a number of the albums on this list, I have a very long way to go to get to all of them. Stephen Bennett is number 45 on the list (at the moment).

Anyway, I just checked out a couple of his YouTube videos, and he’s great. Here is a video of him playing a normal guitar. Here is a video of him playing the harp guitar.

I hope you would agree that he’s amazing. I also hope you’ll join me in praying for his full recovery!

Thanks Antoine for introducing me to Stephen Bennett’s music! 🙂