March 2008 Poker

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March saw a radical change in my online poker playing. Heretofore, I was playing in a ton of tournaments, most of them qualifiers, many of the $1 qualifiers. When I would win a seat to move on to the bigger tournament, I would play that. When I wouldn’t, I would skip the bigger tournament.

While it greatly reduced the amount I was risking, and greatly increased the amount of time played, ultimately, as I reported already, it was simply soaking up too much time (even though I loved every single second of it, even the losses!).

This month, I played in extremely few qualifiers (five or six, I have to squint too hard to be sure at the moment). Instead, on a few occasions (very few), I simply paid the full entry fee for the big tournament, when I was in the mood, and had the time. That included paying the full $215 entry fee for the big Sunday tournament, three times this month. Previously, I had only done it once, when I had the snafu with my Tournament Dollars.

I lost the first two, so I was down a healthy amount. On the third try this month, I came in 47th out of 890 entrants (top 90 got paid). That returned $700 for my $215 entry fee. Coupled with two other smaller cashes in Omaha Hi-Lo tourneys, and I ended the month…

Yes, I had to break the paragraph purely for dramatic effect…

+$1.10 (yes, more than a whole dollar, in fact, 10% more than a dollar!)

Clearly, this new strategy rocks! 😉







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