May 2008 Poker

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Same old, same old, with some new stuff thrown in, to throw me/you off. 😉

Right after I reported on April’s results, I transferred some money from my one poker site to another site. The two sites have an agreement between them (perhaps there is joint ownership, but I have no idea) whereby you can transfer money between them with no cost, an unlimited amount of times.

I decided to do that because my beloved Omaha Hi-Lo tourneys have virtually disappeared from my primary site, and even the Hold’Em tourneys have become more of a circus side-show (IMHO). I actually prefer the software from my primary site, but I do enjoy playing Omaha Hi-Lo on the new site, so the blend is working for the moment.

That’s the new part. Now for the old…

Nothing has changed. I still played an extremely light schedule in May, so I often go days without launching the poker software. I also play mostly in actual tournaments rather than qualifiers (there are some exceptions, notably on weekends), so I’m spending more on the entry fees (this has been consistent for a couple of months now), which makes the volatility higher.

I started the month off with a bang, entering the Sunday big one by ponying up the full $215. I finished 54th and got back $600. In fact, I got rivered on that last hand (no, I don’t cry about losses) or I might have gone much further. At the other extreme, last weekend, I paid full freight again, and busted out on the first hand! That was a first for me. I flopped a set when my opponent flopped a straight. He played in a raised pot on the first hand with 79c, so he earned that pot by playing loosely.

I had a small roller coaster on the new site, starting off poorly, then cashing a few times to go ahead for the month, finally giving it all back and more. In the future, I won’t break out the results between the sites, but this one time, I will.

New site = -$164.00 for the month, old site = -$68.20 for the month. Grand total = -$232.20. Disappointing, but there were some real opportunities for big wins, so I’m really not complaining.

Yesterday I won an entry into today’s big one, so the loss counts in May, but I get to start off June with a free entry to the big one, so we’ll see what I make of the opportunity later today.



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