Month: January 2009

  • Sidux Wins Again

    Almost two years ago, I wrote a post about an ancient (and very broken) laptop. Of the various Linux distributions that I tried on it, I really liked Sidux the most. I wrote about it in my In Praise of Sidux post. I ended up trashing that laptop when the unreliability was more […]

  • Self-Service Pain

    It’s extremely easy to cause yourself a lot of pain while performing maintenance on your computer. Here are two sure-fire steps: Do something really stupid, while being aware that you are doing so! Compound the error by being macho, and wanting to fix it manually! Voila! You will have no one to blame […]

  • VirtualBox Multiboot USB

    Yesterday, I wrote about paying for free software. At the very end of that post, I highlighted a program called Macrium Reflect. That program can automatically create a Linux-based Rescue CD (in order to restore a previously saved image to a damaged or new hard drive). On their site, they have a good […]

  • Paying for Free Software

    There is a lot of free software available for every operating system. Some of it is open source, some of it is proprietary, but still free. Some of the free stuff comes with strings attached (shareware, for example). Some of the programs are amazing, many are just toys (or worse). One relatively common […]

  • Happy New Year

    For the past six years (2002-2007) we’ve spent New Year’s Eve in Richmond, VA. There are four couples there who get together each year and cook a very special (and sumptuous) dinner at each others houses (rotates each year), and we hitched our wagon to their tradition back in 2002. Of course, we […]

  • December 2008 Poker

    December was no different than November. Good results in Omaha (though not many tournaments in general), and a total wipeout in the big Sunday Hold’Em tourneys, accounting for a terrible economic showing. Bottom line for the month: -$694.60. In one of the big tourneys, they paid the top 135 spots. I finished 137th. […]