Month: March 2009

  • We Should All Be Ashamed

    I didn’t have quite the same reaction as most people did (and still do) regarding the AIG bonuses. Having worked on Wall Street for 16 years, I thought I had a different perspective than most, but still, I understood where the populist anger was coming from. Unfortunately, it’s fueled by politicians, purely for […]

  • Weekend Birthday Bash

    Our friends from Richmond came up to spend a very special birthday weekend with us in NYC. They were supposed arrive at our apartment by 10am on Friday. That didn’t happen. There were significant snow flurries in NYC (nothing stuck), and the navigation system on the airplane was unable to make an instrument […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Last night was our eighth CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub, and the first of 2009 (yes, there will be more shows in 2009, one is already scheduled for May 21). The show started at 6:35pm (five minutes late), and was in the same format as most of the shows. There were five […]

  • Allman Brothers Band at Beacon Theatre

    Two years ago I saw the Allman Brothers Band (ABB) at the Beacon Theatre (without Lois). While I normally write very long music posts, that one was extremely short (mercifully so, say my readers). 😉 Everything I said in that post applied to last night’s show as well. So, you would think that […]

  • Farewell Poker

    I’ve been noting the possibility of this day for quite a while, and it’s finally here. I am saying farewell to online poker, likely for quite a while, but also likely, not forever. I expected the day to come sometime in January, having gone through a very long drought of cashing in a […]

  • Jerry Jeff Walker at BB King

    A year ago we took seven people (plus the two of us) to see Jerry Jeff Walker at BB King’s in NYC. I wrote about that wonderful evening in this post. The stars aligned for us again this year, as we had company staying with us for the weekend, they love live music, […]

  • Commercials Annoy But Often Work

    Most people complain about watching commercials. Of course, they serve a number of purposes, the two obvious ones are: Keeping the content free (most people seem to like that part) Making you aware of a product’s existence (many people think they don’t care about this aspect) I am unaware of anyone who hates […]