Month: September 2009

  • To Fifty Years More

    Note: this post is guest-blogged by my lovely (and incredible) wife, Lois. 🙂 We received this invitation in early August (from the wife of the man in whose honor the event would be held): ……….and attended yesterday. What an incredible celebration to honor the life of our extraordinary friend and his accomplishments. But […]

  • Sierra Hull in Madison Square Park

    I started blogging nearly three years ago, purely to keep a journal as we were growing older. Memories fade and blur over time, and this seemed like a good place to document the happenings of our lives. It’s grown a bit since then in a number of ways, but mostly, due to some […]

  • Amy Rivard and Alex Berger at Waltz Astoria

    We attend a lot of live music. Just this week, we saw Red Molly and The Nields at Joe’s Pub on Sunday. On Monday we attended a Livestrong Fundraiser. On Wednesday we saw Wicked (for the 8th time!). Last night was supposed to be downtime, to recharge the batteries for an even more […]

  • Wicked Again

    Yes, last night, we were Wicked again (oh, I mean we saw Wicked again). 😉 It was our eighth time (yes, we love it that much). We were taken by our wonderful goddaughter and her wonderful husband, dinner included (more on that after a quick review of the show). Thanks! There was a […]

  • Livestrong Cancer Fundraiser

    Music can uplift, connect, and at times, even heal. Last night, we got to experience all three facets, working in unison, and it was a beautiful thing! While we have attended a large number of shows over the past six years, it was only recently (April 2009 to be exact) that we noticed […]

  • Red Molly and The Nields at Joe’s Pub

    Last night I finally got to scratch an itch that I’ve had since April 5th, 2008! That’s the night that we first saw Sweet Bitters live. I covered that show in this post, but as you can see, in the comments, Sharon suggested that I check out Red Molly. The minute I heard […]

  • Richmond CenterStage

    The inaugural meeting of the CenterStage Foundation (organized to raise money for this amazing project) was held on September 11th, 2001. In an unplanned tribute to that meeting, a black-tie affair unofficially opening the Carpenter Theater to donors and dignitaries, was held on September 11, 2009. The official grand opening of Richmond CenterStage […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Wed night was our 11th CMA Songwriters Series show at Joe’s Pub. It won’t be our last, we already have tickets for the November 5th show. We were supposed to be at Zope this week, and were planning on missing this show. As I’ve noted before, on occasion, the show scores a major […]

  • Paper Raincoat at Rockwood Music Hall

    ambeR Rubarth and Alex Wong are two of the hardest working musicians in NYC’s vibrant indie music scene. Each has a number of projects going on simultaneously. They also regularly guest star at local shows with other indie rising stars. The Paper Raincoat is their collaboration project, an ingenious concept, telling a long-running […]

  • Phony Political Arguments

    I already regret starting this post. If I said everything I feel like saying, I’d be typing for a few days… Background I am sick of both parties, and 95% of all politicians. I voted for John McCain (in principle only, since I understand that my vote in NY for a Republican Presidential […]