Month: October 2009

  • Ceili Rain at Tin Angel

    If you’ve visited this space before, then you know we love Ceili Rain. After listening to them for years, we finally got to see them live this summer and I wrote about it in this post. That show was awesome in every respect. That said, it was an outdoor concert, and that has […]

  • Indigo Girls at Tarrytown Music Hall

    We saw the Indigo Girls for the first time this summer, in VA, covered in this post. When I saw that they were coming to Tarrytown Music Hall (which we found out last night was their first time there ever), I was so excited that I used it as the excuse to finally […]

  • Girlyman at Infinity Hall

    Last night was our 12th time seeing Girlyman perform live. You’d think there wouldn’t be an opportunity for too many firsts but you’d be wrong. Amazingly, this was the first time we’ve seen Girlyman where we went alone. In the previous 11 shows, the smallest group we brought was two additional people, and […]