Month: December 2009

  • Rachael Sage and Michelle Citrin at Joe’s Pub

    The world puts out breadcrumbs and we follow them. Some people don’t notice, others notice but don’t care. One of the more intense paths that we’ve followed began with Alex Berger posting a YouTube video from a concert we attended. After establishing a Twitter and Facebook relationship with Alex, we finally met in […]

  • ambeR Rubarth at NAU NYC

    In yesterday’s post I mentioned that ambeR Rubarth had just returned to NYC from a long tour. She didn’t take any time to rest up, following her guest appearance at Alex Berger’s show with a show of her own last night. Amber was accompanied by Tony Maceli and Adam Christgau, and the three […]

  • Alex Berger at Rockwood Music Hall

    We’ve seen Alex Berger perform twice before, but last night at Rockwood Music Hall was our first time seeing him headline a full set with a full band. The show started at 11pm, which is way past our bedtime, but Alex is well worth today’s exhaustion. After the show we finally got to […]

  • Cherish the Ladies Christmas Show at Towne Crier Cafe

    Last night we finally got to scratch a 20-month itch, seeing Cherish the Ladies again in concert. They performed a Christmas show at Towne Crier Cafe, the place where we first saw them in April 2008, covered in detail in this post. We love Cherish the Ladies (CTL), we love Towne Crier Cafe […]

  • Ian Axel and Greg Holden at Canal Room

    This one is gonna be long (surprise!), so let’s bottom line it for the impatient: Ian Axel – Crazy good! Greg Holden – Very good, would have been nice if some in the crowd were more attentive. Katie Costello – Very good, need to hear more and I want to. Honey Larochelle – […]

  • Droid Rocks

    For those who don’t like to read, I’ll start with my bottom line, then give lots of details: I love the Droid, it’s one of the best devices I’ve ever owned, and I’m a gadget freak! A little background before I begin what will inevitably be a very long post. I’m a geek, […]

  • Jerry Douglas and John Oates at Highline Ballroom

    Jerry Douglas has a new Christmas CD out, Jerry Christmas. He’s touring actively in support of that CD. Special guest stars on this tour are John Oates (of Hall and Oates fame) and Maura O’Connell. Both John and Maura are up for a Grammy this year. Jerry has 12 Grammys already! We expected […]

  • New Thanksgiving Tradition

    Last year I reported on our first-ever trip to Birmingham, AL, for Thanksgiving with our godson David. It’s now officially a tradition, which is likely to extend at least through next year. Once again, the real parents went north and spent Thanksgiving with Laura and Chris. We repeated the general pattern from last […]

  • Vienna Teng and Alex Wong at Joe’s Pub

    We got the briefest taste of Vienna Teng a few months ago when she was a guest performer at ambeR Rubarth’s CD Release Party, also at Joe’s Pub. The minute Vienna announced last night’s show we grabbed tickets (more on that later). Alex Wong is well-known to us and I’ve written about him […]

  • Amber Rubarth and Adam Levy at Jammin Java

    If you’ve been here before, you know we’re big fans of ambeR Rubarth both as a solo artist, and as part of The Paper Raincoat. It’s no big surprise that we would try to arrange our schedule to catch one of her shows. What’s a bit of a surprise was trying to arrange […]