Month: March 2011

  • Jesse Terry and Gavin Slate at Rockwood Music Hall

    Yesterday promised to be a perfect late afternoon / early evening. It didn’t disappoint! Jesse Terry is an amazing singer/songwriter (many easy ways for you to verify that claim for yourself, on YouTube, his own site, MySpace, etc.). We’ve seen him perform at a house concert, then at The Bitter End. We’ve been […]

  • Chris Kasper at Rockwood Music Hall

    I just posted that we saw Marjory Lee at Arlene’s Grocery last night. Her set ended at 8:45pm and the six of us walked the block and half to Rockwood Music Hall to catch Chris Kasper. We caught most of a Chris Kasper set (also at Rockwood) back in October 2009! He was […]

  • Marjory Lee at Arlene’s Grocery

    We’ve seen Marjory Lee perform once before, in a house concert. Feel free to read the entire post, but I’ll pull out the two most relevant paragraphs here, because they will provide the foundation for my comments on last night’s show: Marjory Lee sang and played acoustic guitar (as above, 100% acoustic, with […]

  • The Southern Wedding

    One of the major events in being a godparent is seeing your godchild get married. Nearly three years ago we got our first taste when Laura married Chris (captured in this post). This past Saturday, her brother (David) completed this stage by marrying the most wonderful woman (Rebecca) we could have imagined for […]

  • Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino at Jammin Java

    Having just seen Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino perform at a house concert the night before, you might assume that we wouldn’t make the trek to NoVA again to see them headline Jammin’ Java. Silly Human (spoken in the proper Ferengi accent!), we couldn’t wait! The two experiences were dramatically different, even though […]

  • Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino and Mike Campbell at VA House Concert

    We’re missing some mind-bogglingly good music in NYC this week (and next). Is there a cure for that? Yes, catching Ian Axel on consecutive nights, in different settings. Our two most recent Ian Axel concerts were both big stage, full band, crowded standing audience venues. We’ve seen Ian solo and acoustic before, but […]