Month: October 2011

  • Robbie Gil at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 CMJ

    Robbie Gil headlined a set at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 as one of many artists to wind down a spectacular week-long CMJ shows. Rockwood was jammed and they removed all of the tables near the stage (except for one row to create a barrier between the audience and the stage). Robbie delivered […]

  • Alex Wong at Rockwood Music Hall CMJ

    Alex Wong has a full-band show this coming Monday night (10/24/2011) at 9pm at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. There are three other shows that we want to see that night and we haven’t figured out how to be at two places at once, just yet. Yesterday, Alex had an afternoon showcase at […]

  • Seth Glier at Rockwood Music Hall CMJ

    On December 23rd, 2009 we saw Rachael Sage headline at Joe’s Pub. One of her guest stars that night was Seth Glier, who  sang and played accordion and glockenspiel. He was talented and I made a note to check out his own stuff. It’s only been nearly two years and that hadn’t happened, […]

  • Lisa Jaeggi at The Delancey CMJ

    Lisa Jeaggi came onto my radar roughly a year ago. I can’t exactly remember how, but it was most likely an email newsletter from her record label, Modern Vintage Recordings. I listened to a few songs (likely on MySpace) and liked what I heard. I started following her on Twitter and was looking […]

  • Derek James at The Delancey CMJ

    Derek James playing somewhere and we’re in town? That’s where we’ll be. He was headlining a CMJ Showcase at The Delancey on the main stage. We had never been to The Delancey, but now you know why we’ll never be able to say that again. I’ve written about Derek many times now. The […]

  • Alec Gross at The Delancey CMJ

    We headed down to The Delancey for two CMJ Showcases. It was our first time there. We arrived 25 minutes early and bumped into a few people we knew. One of them mentioned that Alec Gross was playing upstairs (The Delancey has three stages). We had only seen Alec once, when he played […]

  • Lucius at The Living Room CMJ

    Prior to last night, we’d never seen Lucius perform (that web site is not up yet, you can check out their MySpage page in the meantime). That makes them very unique in our personal history. They are the only band that we have contributed to (on Kickstarter) without ever having seem them perform […]

  • Shenandoah and the Night at The Living Room CMJ

    After seeing Delta Rae at Rockwood, our evening was supposed to be over. Our friend Jason asked if we were heading over to see Lucius (the site is not up just yet, but you can check them out here) at The Living Room. I said that we were planning to see them tonight […]

  • Delta Rae at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 CMJ

    Delta Rae made the trek to NYC to headline a CMJ set at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. If they can make the trek from North Carolina, we can do it from midtown. We saw the previous two sets out of interest, but mostly out of wanting to guarantee that we’d be near […]

  • Aunt Martha at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 CMJ

    Aunt Martha headlined a set at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 as part of CMJ week. We saw the set before them (Jenny Owen Youngs) and were primarily there to see the set after them (Delta Rae), so we had every intention of sticking around (even though we knew nothing about them). However, […]