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  • Old Shoes

    A long and busy week at one of our portfolio companies is finally over. For Lois, all of the days were chock full of chores, but yesterday, February 29th, 2008 was particularly hectic and draining. While not normally a superstitious person, I have a strong feeling that Lois is feeling happy that it […]

  • February 2008 Poker

    I won’t be playing today, so I can summarize the month now. It was a terrible month both economically, as well as from a frustration point of view. Let’s get the bad news out of the way up front: I lost $414.94 this month. That wipes out January’s gain and a little more, […]

  • Presidential Candidates Three

    Disclaimer: There are no facts in this post. Everything below is my opinion only. I have made no attempt to find any supporting facts either, life is too short! Whew, now that that’s out of the way, let me also say that everything I’m about say is also correct. 😉 I’m rushing this […]

  • Friend Requests

    Social Networks have been around for a relatively long time (in Internet years). They continue to mushroom. One of the reasons is the constant Friend Requests (invitations) one receives when anyone they know discovers a new network/site. I see the utility of some of these sites, but in the end, unless they are […]

  • Geraldine Ferraro Leads The Way

    I rarely read the editorials in The New York Times. The regular contributors are mostly predictable, and spew venom rather than articulate thoughts. I religiously read the lead-ins in the daily email summary. They typically make me laugh. I don’t know whether the author picks the particular sentence or paragraph, or the editors […]

  • Firefox DOM Inspector

    Yesterday, I raved about XAMPP in this post. In there, I made the following statement: The other major thing that I don’t like (but which I suspect is easily fixable with a CSS tweak) is that the Sociable plugin formats the icons in a list (one per line) rather than as an inline […]

  • Updated Theme and XAMPP

    For a while now, I’ve been both relatively happy with my theme, as well as marginally frustrated by it. I don’t need to bore you with exactly what I didn’t like, so I’ll bore you instead with what I’ve done about it. 😉 I have never bothered in the past to dig too […]

  • A Wicked Surprise

    For the past few weeks, Lois and I have mentioned to each other that we were itching to see Wicked again. This was probably more true for me, but I think she wouldn’t have minded too much. That said, we did nothing about that itch. I didn’t even check for ticket availability online, […]

  • Discovering Stephen Bennett

    I just wrote a very long post a few minutes ago. At the end, I mentioned that I was sure I left out some additional nuisances. It turns out, that what I left out was one of the more important positives of the evening. It’s enough to warrant a small post on it’s […]

  • Andy McKee with Antoine Dufour and Craig D’Andrea

    Last night, Lois and I went to Canal Room to hear three amazing acoustic guitarists, Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour and Craig D’Andrea. I have written about all three before, as well as their label Candyrat Records in this post. I also posted about Andy McKee (including how I discovered him) in this post. […]