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  • SPAM Problem Solved!

    OK, not really. That was only a slight exaggeration 😉 Seriously, the specific spam problem that I complained about in my “technology is random” posting is what I’ve now solved. As I mentioned in that post, I had a combination of procmail rules and SpamBayes filtering, etc. I completely turned off the old […]

  • Debugging Firefox and WordPress 2.1 UI issues with Firebug – SUCCESS

    I’m typing this to provoke the following error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method So far, not provoked, which means that I think I figured out what was killing me ever since I upgraded to WordPress 2.1. Before I declare victory, let me try to insert a link, which is what […]

  • Why does most technology feel “random” so often?

    I’ve been involved professionally with technology since 1980. So, you’d think that I understand it (and how it works) reasonably well by now. On some levels, sure, but on others, I feel as helpless as the proverbial mother-in-law or grandparent in the “clueless users” examples people always give… Conceptually, I understand how “small […]

  • I’m truly a glutton for punishment…

    OK, so here I am again, updating my progress on the old Dell Latitude L400 saga… Before I begin, let me assure the millions of readers of this blog that I have no illusion that I will ever be able to use this laptop in anything other than as a “guest surfing” node […]

  • I’m officially a fool…

    This (meaning, the title of this post) is not news to anyone who knows me 🙂 For the purposes of this post, I interpret being a fool to “continuing to waste time trying to get the Dell Latitude L400 to be a stable machine for my purposes”. It should have been obvious to […]

  • Ancient Laptop Frustration

    OK, since I’ve decided to blog a little, I may as well start with something that is driving me nuts. After all, the point of this is to attain a little catharsis (at least, that’s my point). My current laptop (now 2 years old) is a Sager NP8890 Force (this model is no […]