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  • Sierra Noble at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Sierra Noble at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 last night. We try to plan our musical calendar out at least a month in advance. While things come up occasionally, causing us to shift plans (not including health issues), we try hard to stick […]

  • Girlyman at Joe’s Pub

    Girlyman played Joe’s Pub last night. Let’s the get the statistics portion of the post out of the way. This was our 21st time seeing Girlyman perform (give or take some arbitrary number, likely zero). We hadn’t seen Girlyman at Joe’s Pub since April 2009 (31 months!). We hadn’t seen any show at […]

  • Lar Lubovitch Dance Company at Baryshnikov Arts Center

    Lar Lubovitch Dance Company just completed the first few days of a 12 day run at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. We rarely see dance programs. When we do, it’s typically because we know someone who is accompanying them musically. That was true yesterday as well. Dance confounds me. If it’s not too experimental […]

  • Girlyman and Coyote Grace at The Barns at Wolf Trap

    It’s been a little over six months since we’ve seen Girlyman in concert. Any longer than that and I start to twitch. Those of you who know me know I am unabashed in saying that they are my favorite group. For me, that’s quite a statement given how much live music we see […]

  • War Horse at the Vivian Beaumont Theater

    I didn’t particularly have an interest in seeing War Horse, even after it won the 2011 Tony Award for Best Play. We ended up seeing it last night (how that came to be, below), with extraordinary seats, in the second row. I don’t go to the theater often enough for anyone to take […]

  • Rebecca Haviland at Rockwood Music Hall

    Rebecca Haviland at Rockwood Music Hall? We’re there. We’d go even if we knew it would be identical to the last show, but this time I knew there would be at least a small twist. One of her band members, Greg Mayo, was playing in Washington, DC, so something would be different. It […]

  • Julia Haltigan at Rockwood Music Hall

    Julia Haltigan headlined a set at Rockwood Music Hall. She was sandwiched in between two sets we were planning on seeing, making it very easy for us to check her music out. Mostly Rock, with a number of twists (Trumpet, Harmonica, Electric Mandolin), with nuance among the numbers even within the Rock genre. […]

  • Chris Ayer at Rockwood Music Hall

    Chris Ayer announced a show at Rockwood Music Hall with the following tweet: chrisayer Chris Ayer Show tonight in NYC! Rockwood 8p: playing brand new songs w/ @CAndersonbass @matt_simons & @adamchristgau that we’re recording today.excited We already had it on the calendar for a while, but didn’t know it would be a full […]

  • New York Chamber Soloists All Mozart Program at The Morgan Library

    Melissa Tong and Jim Johnston told us that a friend of theirs was playing the flute in an all Mozart program. That’s all I needed to hear, especially given what I wrote two weeks ago in a post about a rock set: On one number she also played the flute, beautifully, an instrument […]

  • Sierra Noble at The Bitter End

    What do you do when one of your favorite performers has a show at one of your least favorite venues? You go, without hesitation. Sierra Noble easily qualifies as one of our favorites. The Bitter End easily qualifies as one of the least enjoyable venues we frequent semi-regularly. Both turned out exactly as […]