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  • Rachel Platten, Bess Rogers and Bethany and the Guitar at Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse

    We’re nearing the middle of a two week hiatus from NYC music. We’ve already missed some very special shows and will be missing a few more before we get back on the horse. None of that mattered, because I thought I was going to see a night of Musical Mud Wrestling starring two […]

  • The Ramblers at The Living Room Again

    Last night posed a significant problem. We had seen only three songs of a special set by The Ramblers at The Living Room on January 29th, 2011. Here’s part of what I wrote about that set: Then they started playing. Excellent. Definitely my kind of music. Actually, since they had so many guests, […]

  • Richard Julian at Rockwood Music Hall

    We started the day planning to attend three sets (7 and 8pm at Rockwood Music Hall, and 10pm at The Living Room). We ended up attending the 6pm set at Rockwood as well. We had an hour to fill at 9pm. We could have stayed at Rockwood or caught the 9pm at The […]

  • Morgan Holland at Rockwood Music Hall

    I just posted about John Schmitt at Rockwood Music Hall. At the end of his set, he implored us all to stick around for the next set, headlined by Morgan Holland. He didn’t need to implore us, or even inform us. Morgan’s set was on our schedule from the day I found out […]

  • John Schmitt at Rockwood Music Hall

    Even though it’s only been a few weeks since we last saw John Schmitt perform (May 13th at The Living Room), we were really looking forward to this show last night. The set at The Living Room was excellent, which is reason enough to want more. But Rockwood Music Hall is also more […]

  • Matt Koziol at Rockwood Music Hall

    We had firm plans to see three sets last night, the first of which was at 7pm at Rockwood Music Hall. As is our custom, we like to check out the set before we want to be there both to see if there’s someone worth discovering and to snag a seat more easily […]

  • Delta Rae at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    Having seen Delta Rae twice before, we were looking forward to this show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 with great anticipation. Whatever expectations I had, they were exceeded. You can safely stop reading now, as everything else will be detail to back up that statement. Here is a retweet of theirs with […]

  • Jesse Terry and Carley Tanchon at Sessions 73

    At 8pm we were at Rockwood Music Hall catching a set by Derek James and the Lovely Fools. The minute the set was over we hopped in a cab and headed straight up First Avenue (no turns from Rockwood all the way to Sessions 73). We had never been to Sessions 73 before, […]

  • Derek James and the Lovely Fool with New Band Members at Rockwood Music Hall

    Last night was my fourth time seeing Derek James and the Lovely Fools. Each setup was different (last night was no exception) and only one of them was disappointing (hint: not last night). The show was at Rockwood Music Hall. There are many bands that create a party atmosphere. In many cases, it […]

  • Ximena Sarinana at Rockwood Music Hall

    We are huge fans of everything Alex Wong does. His talents seem boundless. One of those talents is spotting other talented people, then collaborating with them to increase the talent level in the room geometrically. Recently, Alex toured with Elizabeth and the Catapult (see, I told you he knows talent) when they opened […]